Thursday, May 3, 2007


Today the end sem end for me. Our whole civil brotherhood went out and long session of serious discussions start which includes all the topic from economics of unlimited meals to latest news in institute from the closed curtains of SAARANG, from hydraulic engineering to the latest and hottest babe on and off screen but the topic which attracts my atmost attention was 1 news (I consider each and every rumors as a informative news as it ultimately converts into that)

This news was around each and every corner in last decades after the release of famous south Indian movie ‘humse hai muqabla’- the debut movie of famous prabhudeva.
We saw him shaking each n every single (ya every SINGLE) part of the bodyin the songs like urvashi urvashi,phati rap etc..... So The news was like this, that there was a dance competition held between prabhudeva and Michael jai kishan…oops its Jackson (please note that it has nothing to do with his personal habits of child care). In the competiton the format was initially Jackson will perform 1 step n then prabhudeva will copy that. Now prabhudeva will show one dance step which Jackson will follow.(its true…believe me) The final results were deva was able to do each n very step other than the last dance action of Jackson in which he danced on his thumb( shuts!! What a high funda fart-for all my non iitian friends fart means arbit discussion, arbit fact,arbit suggestion.In short everything out of our realm of knowledge.)

So now I was quite keen to know more about this news. I searched through each n every link available related to this n found one interesting fact which was hidden from the whole nation till now. In that competition there was special consolation prize for third winner which was given to none other than our very own boogie woogie man JAVED JAFRI ….XACTLY!!!


When we are talking of news how can I forget my daily scoop of interesting news – Dainik Bhaskar-bharat ka sabse tez badta akhbaar( in what sense???)
The news which I read last week was about Amisha Patel (oh my god!! She still produces news…great) . finally it was good see somebody other than Shilpa Shetty in newspaper. Ok lets get back to our news. The news was Amisha patel is looking a pink cover for her laptop and more importantly she is using her comp for chatting with her friends. Now this matter a lot our nation (how???). Ask the reporters and believe me it’s the real news printed in paper. So if u wanna start your day with a scoop just switch on to Dainik Bhaskar -bharat ka sabse fart marta akhbaar