Friday, January 30, 2009

Plan For Life

In final year everybody is talking about plan. My dad asked me “so aage kya socha hai – job ya MBA??
My cousin was asking “ab kya karma hai?”
My senior advised me “now is the time to decide what you want to do?”
Firstly I want to thanks all my relatives, friends, seniors that they think about me. From last few days I am having a extensive discussion with my friend about the ‘Plan’ thing. He has everything planned for his life. He will do job; give GMAT after 3 years and then IV league, finally a handsome/beautiful ‘jain’ guy/gal. That’s it. Everything planned and over.

So last night I decided that I will also ‘plan’ my life. I started thinking about what I really want. I had lots of thoughts coming up while thinking and finally I came up on conclusion. I don’t want to plan anything because my priority in life keeps on changing. What I wanted 4 years before was completely different and I am sure what I will desire 4 years down the line is going to be very different too. I am person with very unsettled mind. So I am not sure what I demand from life or career.

Secondly, I don’t want to plan anything. I have tried to plan everything in life for my first 20 years but now I want to let it go. I enjoy the uncertainty of life. I believe that the best thing which life offers. Your life changes at an instant and I have seen that happening to me a lot so I don’t want to miss that fun.

But luckily I have got some real good people around me who do the planning thing for me and I trust them so I am going to work according to them. But for sure I am not going to plan anything from now.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Movie reviews : Frost/Nixon and The devil wears prada

I have recently seen 2 new good flicks and right now I want to write something so I am writing on these 2 movies – Frost/Nixon and The devil wears prada

Frost/Nixon: This movie is based upon the play of the same name by Peter Morgan, which dramatizes the 1977 televised Frost/Nixon interviews. The film version is directed by Ron Howard (Apollo 13 and Da Vinci Code). . The brief plot is Richard Nixon was the US president involved in the Watergate scandal and later resigned from the post but he never apologizes for his action. It was later in the series of interviews with David Frost that he accepts about his mistakes. The acting of Frank Langella as Richard Nixon and Michael Sheen as David Frost is really awesome. They truly justifies with the role.This is an absolute masterpiece depiction of the 1970’s culture. What impressed me most is that the director has paid attention to all the minute details like in one scene President after seeing the shoes without lace, for the first time, asks his Chief of staff to comment. Kevin Bacon as the Chief of Staff is as usual god level. Frank Langella was a ditto copy of President Nixon with his entire accent, body movements. He presented the frustration and desperation of a person who want to return to power so beautifully that you just wish that scenes never get over. But my pick of the lot will be definitely Michael Sheen. The way he has portrayed the role of a Broadcaster, a person who is a true PR guy, he never shows his real emotion to people, his desperation to be at the top of the entertainment world, His efforts to get everything arranged for the interviews. I mean its so wonderfully picturised that you just believe its all happening in front of your eyes. So in the end it’s a MIST MUST WATCH!!

The devil wears prada: one of my friends suggested me this movie. It was her favorite so I decided to give it a shot. Firstly what attracted me in the movie was the star cast: Meryl streep and (Hot!!) Anna Hathaway. The plot of the movie was very cliché with a new person enters into a job and adjust herself in the job finally reaching the top , realizing what she has lost in the way and Does she really wanted that ?? I mean for me some of the scenes in which Meryl Streep who plays a dominant boss asking weird things from his assistants like unpublished Harry potter manuscript, become repetitive after sometime but there was 4 things which kept me watching this film.

A.The background score: the music was so awesome that I can watch the movie just for the music. It was so well used in the background, so well mixed up with the scene.My advice, just grab the music on the first chance you get.

B.Emily Blunt: She plays the role of a senior assistant who is obsessed with her post of senior secretary level thing and never ever leaves a chance to show his superiority to assistant no. 2. On the other side she is shit scared of her boss. She was really able to portray both the shades quite wonderfully.

C.Meryl Streep: It is always a treat to watch her acting. She portrays any role so effectively that you every time you see her in a new role , you ask yourself –“ is she Meryl only??” .

D.Anna: last but not the least gorgeous Anna Hathaway is so beautiful that you don’t want to jeep your eyes off from screen. On the acting part she was quite normal or I must say below normal but on the beauty part, just 3 words: Oh My God!!

On the whole – It can be watched once but music can be listened forever.