Sunday, January 20, 2008

Dreamcatcher ( short film)

(IBN review: -5 stars…black wale star)
My first attempt to showcase the inborn natural talent that was hidden and hidden deeply. Actually the script was looking god level on papers. The screenplay was giving a hint of Oscar winning movie. The cast was god level. But somehow things went a little out of way. The camera was of not of expected quality. The cameraman was insane which was unluckily me. The cast turn out to be outrageous. People were busy so we have to change the script in order to complete shooting and meet the deadline for submission. Half of the angle had gone waste because people were appearing in background mocking the poor freshie actor. In the end the product which comes out was a fucking piece of shit:

But yeah, I m happy for my first attempt. Thanks to cocodick, gilly who worked so hard in the film and never objected on retakes. Thanks to lot to shamshan n fkd for being a part o this film. And I really want to thanks dickens for awesome editing. And yeah thanks to all my fans. and my gratitudes to anshul,hulka,poorvi for their support,batteries n digicam.

It’s just a chut level movie but yet if you wants to waste your time I am putting it down.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

My 3 wishes to god!!!

1)My first wish is I could sing. I really wanted to sing but alas god has gifted me with such a beautiful voice that I cant destroy it with singing. Anyways if I ever get able to sing I would be singing songs of euphoria, life in a metro n linking park…..

2)The second wish is very common which is every 2nd person has from his/her childhood. I would like to have superpower preferably power of flying. I don’t know whether its inborn feeling or the feel being borned n rose by the movie directors showing the excellent flying sequences. Other powers like super brain, power like flash( justice league) , mind reading( I believe it would be real fun), teleportation( yeah yeah…free world tour) and the list continues…

3)Now this the wish due to which I have written this blog. The third and the most secret one. I wish that my friend Rajat aka Homework got married to a beautiful girl (did I hear-‘hot chick’). “Arey no need to thanks HW…its ok buddy..aage sun”. and later on say 2-3 years later she get involved with me in an extra marital affair…”sorry dost, buts its true”

So these are my 3 wishes and I would be grateful to god if any of this get true (specially the third one[:)])