Sunday, December 2, 2007

Shhhh....end sem time over!! DND

End sems come and go but as always it have a greater impact on life other then grades. It leaves the memories that never fades. The things which we will cherish through out our lives. The usual things like constant night outs day after day, night after night….the first thought after seeing the paper –“oh fuck”…bulbing in formula” abhi to pada tha…yahin to tha dimaag mein…4 tha ya 3..upar tha ya neeche…shuts…screw it!! “...seeing the old quiz portion –“ sale prof ki maa ka…shit yeh pad leta….paplu ne padne nahin diya, mein keh raha tha aayega”…after the exam during discussion –“ oh shit!.I applied this formula….what, this is also variable. I took this as constant……I am confident about it, shayad….please don’t discuss now.”

But the real fun lies in studying before exam night. Covering infinite portion in one single day is the mission which even tom cruise can’t complete. But we do!! Mugging together…teaching each other even if our portion is left….coffee at 11 in guru….SAC at 2….sleep at 4….alarm at 6…waking up at 6.30….breakfast at 8.30….exam at 9.05….exam practically over at 10.00..submitting answer copy at 12… ...but the most Interesting things lies in discussion- “pack be,yeh nahin aayega….why this. No reason, mug it like this….are u sure? Yeah I think so….fuck prof…..I heard something like this in class….it was like , like......kal to c*** jayenge”

But in the end I believe what end sem give to us is not just the grades but also the hopes. Hope to get the things better in next sem…hope to be a 8 pointer in next sem…it make the bond between friends strong….u make new friends ….tells u that nothing is impossible and in last Picture ahi baaki hai mere dost..end tak sab badiya hoga!!

and this last part is Courtesy of my dear friend Pattrow which take care of all the issues after the end sem is over...enjoy

" saala, prof hi c*&^%$! hai.. woh khud paper nahi solve kar payega"

"yeh equation to solve hi nahi ho sakta...saala super computer mein bhi nahi hoga"

"maine jo portion chhoda saala prof ne wohi dala? "

"mera answer 0.001 aaya, Paplu ka 10^12 aaya ..tera kya aaya??" REPLY -"Mera -65.38 aaya"... QUESTION EK..ANSWER ANEK..UNITY IN DIVERSITY


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Paplu is back!!!

The mighty Paplu is back with a bang. i was thinking to bring back the main character of my blog back but didn’t got the time. so sorry fans...paplu is back!!
Scene 1: Venue- ID class
Time – 11:30
Date – 3rd October 2005
Paplu was sleeping in the class. Prof jalial came near to him. He taps him. Paplu opens his eyes , see him and sleep again. He taps again. This time Paplu realize that he is a prof, not a TA….paplu jaldi se uthta hai and speaks –“sir, sir…just came”.
Prof –“what you just came in class”.
Paplu-“no, no sir…sleep just came”
Prof give up…later prof was found telling everyone this incident pointing finger towards our dear Paplu

Scene 2 : venue- id class
Time -10:45
End sem paper
In the question paper there was a problem like- you are standing on 20 feet tall building and you have to device a machine to get the things from the ground while standing on roof.
Paplu start answering the question. The doubt start coming while naming the person.(see fig 1.1). whether I should name him as ‘I’ or’ you’. According to me its ‘I’ but for the prof its ‘you’. Anyways in the end prof is going to check the paper so I should solve according to him. So I will put ‘you’
All the characters in this film are real and there is full resemblance to the living characters and the situations shown are occuring again and again.

IIT Madras Production

Civil Department presents


Actor - Pratik, Anshul, Sumedh, sajal, Rajat
Director - A slot prof
producer - B slot prof
music Director - C slot prof
Lyrics - D slot prof
Screenplay - F slot prof
Action Director - HOD
Finance - Dean
assistant Directore - TA
supporting cast - the full Batch Ov Civil'05
Actress - Nice try!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Hospi Newsletter!!

This post is exclusively upon the hospitality team. For the change in this Shaastra, beside the usual slogging n working, the new factor was thulping. The nearly 5 digit grub bills will confirm my statement. All credit goes to ‘Thi- rani’ and ‘I don’t talk, I don’t argue, I just pass’. Let’s leave the people with the caricature badges aside n goes to the poor, unlucky people with the worasht quality badges hanging round the neck 24 hours a day causing skin rashes.

Coord 1 – This coord created a history. Every year hospi team got 1 or 2 coords who never go n see hospi desk but this was the only coord who never saw control room. He got his ‘Tant’ fixed at desk and trying hard to use his ‘Ex’ effect but as usual, destiny follows.

Coord-2 – The most hard working coord of the group, busy all the time either with the control room or busy with the thoughts of his meta gal.

Coord -3 -- no. 3 was busy with his bot and his new love of life that is coord no. 8 .cant say much because I m in love too with him ;)

Coord 4 – yeh lambe lambe bal, sunahri se ankhein, meethi awaz , patli kamar…..yes I m talking about coord 4. Trying something new everyday with his hair, didn’t change his luck and he ends up with the memories of lost love only.

Coord 5 – no comments….busy swimming all through Shaastra. (This fcuker has gave conjuctivities to me and my darling, coord 3)

Coord 6 -- playing h’IP'e and seek with the hospi team all through the Shaastra. What I can tell you is, You will hear some linking park ringtone, then the room will filled with some white gas and when the gas will be out , you will notice, coord 6 has gone like BOOM!! PDND him for next 2-3 hours.

Coord 7 – the prestigious coord (‘S Y Raman’). First time on the hospi desk the male homosapiens was announcing. All credits goes to this coord. Busy impressing the saarang EP core through the Shaastra, never ever turn up to hospi desk and found claiming openly, the desire of putting peace.

Coord 8 – that’s me, the most charming, enthusiastic, hard working coord of the lot. Its your bad luck if u have only seen me sleeping in control room or in the darkest corners of institute.

Anyways it was the best hospitality team of my life. I really enjoyed working a lot.i will never forget the work, silly ideas, all jokes, night outs, all fart, cricket, grub, 7 shakes a time… there are too many things to recollect.. This was the greatest Shaastra and all credit goes to the team. I am sure I am not gonna get such team again but I am sure memories related to this Shaastra will never ever fade away.Love u all and gonna miss you…!!

Thanks to paed….you were the best core I have Ever seen.i really enjoyed working with you and really want to work again if ever got a chance. Mera vaada agar divya mili to mein aapke bare mein zaroor bataunga!!

Thanks to proxy…I love you dude!!

Thanks to ip….abhi to bahut kuch saath karma hai dude.

Thanks to galib, tattu- see you again in saarang.

Thanks to chola….tu naa hota to naa jane kya hota ;)

Thanks to jussu and samyukta sethuraman….i am sorry but you were the hottest topic among us.
Thanks to sameer….sorry to mention- HOSPI COORD 9 ..hats off to you!!

Shaastra ends but as usual left the memories that none of us is going to forget.Bbye!!

Monday, August 20, 2007

THE DAY (20th August, 2007)

Today the day started like the normal one but its keep on turning a bit different. The things were looking different and changed. I don’t know whether it was real or it was just within me It was like I was waiting for something to happen very desperately. As the day progress the feeling of hope and despair keep on overwhelming each other. I got the message I was waiting and it was all hope. I was feeling very excited and happy after a very long time but the fear of everything getting blown away comes true again. I don’t know how could I have stopped that but in the last it was all over. Rite now my mind is full of thoughts. Thoughts about things, people, life, about myself. I am feeling lost. I don’t know but yeah some part or the other in my body is not happy. The dream shattered away after untiring efforts of 3.5 months. I want to talk about myself but there is nobody to listen. I want to shout but I can’t. I want to ask but I can’t. I want to feel but I can’t. I want to be HAPPY but CANT. I don’t know whether it was my nature or circumstances. I don’t know whether my born super power of an exceptional sense of humor is a boon or curse to me. My fault was I just wanted to be happy and the only way I know was to, take things lightly. People say I should be more serous in life but I don’t want to. I just want to be myself. I admit I try to dominate things because I believe that’s the best way to succeed and lead. It may be wrong but what if I know this is the only way till now and I followed it. No body told me the better way or I was not successful in them, in both cases I followed my way. Why people expect me to be like him, her or even like themselves. I am myself, why they can’t accept that. It’s true I don’t care about others but look on the positive side I am not doing or wishing to hurt anyone. Its just I don’t want myself to be part of their life rather I want them to be part of my life. I believe everyone try that. What’s wrong in that? People do change with time and I have changed a lot in last 3 months. Why don’t people see themselves changing? Everything changes with time but by how much, depends on us. I am in agony. I just want to go away somewhere far from here. I just want to hide somewhere. But I can’t. 5:30PM - first core meeting of my life, then the fucking lab report whose readings have already been lost by me, then search for the lady coord. I don’t know but I believe, keep running is the best way of salvation. It’s the only path I know. If you have some better way then please contact me ASAP. I wish this would be the only sad entry in my blog. Some last words thanks a lot to all my friends few to mention- FKD, naren, rajat, anshul, mms, sauvya, mili, samy, nimit. Thanks a lot for being with me.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

The 8RF game

I have been tagged by lays...
After a certain delay, here I go.

Here are the rules:

1. Players start with 8 random facts about themselves.
2. Those who are tagged should post these rules and their 8 random facts.
3. Players should tag 8 other people and notify them they have been tagged.

8RF about me:

1) I once tried to hack my password. I just copied all the stars and put it in WordPad to see what happens…all it was stars only. God I can’t believe it was me only...

2) In class 9th we were playing truth and dare and my friend dared me to go out of the class without taking permission during the class. The class begins. I just stood up in between, put my hand on my mouth and start running as if I was vomiting…shit my teacher followed me to see whether I was all right. …ultimately I have to do vomit…

3) In our school canteen it used to be a matter of pride to steal samosa…when I tried and succeed in class 3rd..i was very happy. I proudly went to my home and told my mom about this…later u can imagine what would have happened….

4) I used to go to school in rikshaw….once when we were going , then due to some stione or something…rikhshaw got tilted and fell down…I was on the fallin side..unfortunately it was rainy season so in the next scene I was sitting in class with half of my clothes in was so embarrassing…

5) Aah this one is classic… when I was in class 6th I used to sit beside a gal, sometimes hands used to get touch each other…but for the first time I felt something.. hairs on my hand raised up…oh god it was awesome. Then in next some months I intentionally tried touching my hand to her …to my surprise she never tried to remove her hand :)

6) I was very bad in drawing..i generally used to loose my rank in class just due to that…so I decide something shd be done abt tht…my competitor submitted her drawing to madam..i was the last person in class doing the drawing paper ..Meanwhile madam left for drinking water . I just went and rubbed her wet drawing sheet on the table and kept it back…I was very happy that I am gonna rock this time …the result came..she again got the highest marks . Shuts that rubbing gave the drawing a grt shading effect...

7) In our coaching class we were sitting in the end…the class was abt metallurgy…the teacher was asking abt ores…we were having book in our bag..we opened it and start shouting the name of ores…now he told one fomula different from book. I shouted that its wrong…he asked me to stand and tell the answer. Meanwhile my friend kept the book inside..Oh fuch…I didn’t remember the formula…in the next scene I was out of class….

8) One of my friend harshi made the greatest fool out of me…we were chatting then one of our common friend come online …she told me that she has crush on me and she loves me…I was shocked..i told harshi what to do…she said u think yourself. Then I started telling the common friend that see its not like this way..we are friends..blah blah…then in the end harshi copy pasted some thing was the chat I was having with the common friend..shuts..she created the fake account and took out everything from my mouth what she wants...

I tag FKD, arpan, shruti, db, nimit, samy, sauvya, dhruv

Thursday, May 3, 2007


Today the end sem end for me. Our whole civil brotherhood went out and long session of serious discussions start which includes all the topic from economics of unlimited meals to latest news in institute from the closed curtains of SAARANG, from hydraulic engineering to the latest and hottest babe on and off screen but the topic which attracts my atmost attention was 1 news (I consider each and every rumors as a informative news as it ultimately converts into that)

This news was around each and every corner in last decades after the release of famous south Indian movie ‘humse hai muqabla’- the debut movie of famous prabhudeva.
We saw him shaking each n every single (ya every SINGLE) part of the bodyin the songs like urvashi urvashi,phati rap etc..... So The news was like this, that there was a dance competition held between prabhudeva and Michael jai kishan…oops its Jackson (please note that it has nothing to do with his personal habits of child care). In the competiton the format was initially Jackson will perform 1 step n then prabhudeva will copy that. Now prabhudeva will show one dance step which Jackson will follow.(its true…believe me) The final results were deva was able to do each n very step other than the last dance action of Jackson in which he danced on his thumb( shuts!! What a high funda fart-for all my non iitian friends fart means arbit discussion, arbit fact,arbit suggestion.In short everything out of our realm of knowledge.)

So now I was quite keen to know more about this news. I searched through each n every link available related to this n found one interesting fact which was hidden from the whole nation till now. In that competition there was special consolation prize for third winner which was given to none other than our very own boogie woogie man JAVED JAFRI ….XACTLY!!!


When we are talking of news how can I forget my daily scoop of interesting news – Dainik Bhaskar-bharat ka sabse tez badta akhbaar( in what sense???)
The news which I read last week was about Amisha Patel (oh my god!! She still produces news…great) . finally it was good see somebody other than Shilpa Shetty in newspaper. Ok lets get back to our news. The news was Amisha patel is looking a pink cover for her laptop and more importantly she is using her comp for chatting with her friends. Now this matter a lot our nation (how???). Ask the reporters and believe me it’s the real news printed in paper. So if u wanna start your day with a scoop just switch on to Dainik Bhaskar -bharat ka sabse fart marta akhbaar

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Paplu's fundae

207th Bone

So here i directly jump to main incident. My very dear friend paplu was once putting fundae to our little cute boy 'proxy' abt the in and out of the process of getting it straight. So the theory propounded was - actually there is one hidden bone. Now during the process it comes out of the body slowly and make it erect( shit, i was not aware of this) and he also advised him to be a lot careful during sex as it can cause fracture (wtf???). Now the debate is going about how to get it plastered after fracture. Please contact paplu if u got involved in any such fracture!!!

Another one....

ques... Why the good DVD print of KANK is available on lan and why not for Kabul Express???
ans..oops sorry funda...actually KANK was shot in London n New York and there the technology available is sood but Kabul Express was shot in Afghanistan(no need to say abt technology) therefore good print is not available.....whew.....

this is not the end….keep viewing for more updates!!!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

world cup miracles!!!

hello, the idea of writing and creating my own blog was there in my mind since the day when we lost to srilanka in world cup and indian cricket team secured peaceful holidays in some resort outside India( ob they cant come back now) but last night while i was watching LION KING , then i felt very strongly taht tensions, chaos are becoming the part of our lets revive the motto of life "hakuna matata"

To begin with lets get back to match...i don’t know how much u have noticed that, when dhoni gets out and score was 112/6 then their was a short break taken by dravid, telling the reason he want to piss(really???)....but what actually happened was he went , called his mom and asked - " where are you"
mom- " in home dear ,watching u putting fight"
dravid - " so everything fine till now"
mom -" yes son..everything is fine except India’s position in match"
dravid - match ko maro goli...u all just pack your bag n go out for a long vacation to some hill station or whatever...people will be coming there shortly to burn our house...and yes sachin's family is planning to go out in Honolulu forever, so u can join them also"

This was dravid case. Another one is- people complained about the reliance network getting blocked. After I searched for the truth, it was revealed that sehwag's mom was trying hard to call her son and ask him - 'kar lo duniya muthi mein"

friends it just the beginning...pls comment if u like this!!!