Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Facebook Oscars

This post is dedicated to recognize the efforts of the people who have dedicated their life to the cause of Facebook. They keep enriching our life through status, links, pictures etc. To recognize them under one group will be a disgrace to the genre they have created so I am going to categorize them and share a few words about them.

Share the gain: This is a group of people who believe in the power of sharing knowledge. They will keep posting links days after day, hour after and sometimes minutes after minutes. The link will specifically be related to the every minute little new thing they have learned today. Whether it’s about Dandi March or about making perfectly boiled eggs. These people will share everything. For the sake of incrementing our knowledge, off course!

Share the pain: People belonging to this category have dedicated their life in showing the other side of the perfectly normal life to us. A life filled with so much pain, a life full of regrets, memories of lost love, loneliness, grief, pain and what not. These posts have the power to make us feel the pain which we wouldn’t have in normal life but they also have been instrumental in taking the research forward in the field of heart pain. I wish I could do something to block their pain ….err….block the pain in their life.

A picture is worth a thousand words: These folks are the most socialized among all the groups. Not only they share their life but they also allow us to peek in their personal life through pics. Due to these photos, we can live a life which wouldn’t have experience. A life where you can see the happiness of a person when he is able to cook maggy for the fiftieth time in his life or smoke a hookah, eat at a decent restaurant. And don’t forget the thousand two hundred odd pics of the garden in the building compound.

Majored in Drama, modified with Psychology: If you have missed Osacr Wilde like greats then don’t worry, we have a whole new breed of Junior woodchucks. Intelligent quotes equipping you with the knowledge to deal with all the possible situations of life ranging from running the government or catching the Obama. They have a solution for everything for everyone.

On-the-Grid: These are the most responsible folks on the facebook. Who would have thought the usage of FB like the way they have done. In today’s world of Osama and Obama, where no one is safe – It’s a responsibility of an individual to let her well wishers known with the personal safety (or existence?). They dutifully keep you updated with the change of 3 days old socks pair or when their flight is delayed by 15 min (from Blackberry, off course)

The Curious Case: These are the most naïve species on the planet. For them facebook is like a key to the world. They want to see who have visited their profile or how they will look in the old age and most amazingly how can a woman squirt on the roller coaster ride. They are very curious and they will click on everything. Literally everything. ( I wish they can click once on a pistol facing them)

Likers: They are the reasons for all the things happening on Facebook. They are the driving force behind the 50 Billion valuation of facebook. People with a disease called likamia and commentia. They will appreciate your changed socks pair, comment on your garden pics and click on each and every link you have shared. These are the foundations of the Facebook community. I salute them.