Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Perfect day

I was having my quiz on ‘HR management’. I am not sure about the title of the course but it was some ‘god level’ crap and with the aim to mug ad puke, I wake up at 6. I started the songs from a folder, which I downloaded last night. In that on particular song was really awesome. The name is ‘Aicha’. Initially I was not able to get lyrics or anything except music. After some exploration it comes out to be an Arabic song. When the day starts with a awesome song, I believe it’s a good day. Then I went to give paper and puked all the possible crap in paper and proceeded towards common room for the grand test match. I did some betting with my friend and I won 2 of them as India won the toss and chose to bat. Sehwag was playing awesome, jokes were going around and temp was cool. A perfect atmosphere to watch cricket. Then I had to leave for some work which was followed by an awesome lunch at ‘Adyar Bhawan’. Sandwich, chat and badam milk was gluttonized and finally I bring down my ass in my room. It was the movie time now. I started ‘American birds’. It was a pretty decent movie and seeing Mathew Perry (Chandler Bing – Friends) in such a different role was quite amazing. It was followed by some mugging stuff and the in realized –shit. I missed the match. I switch on to score. Now comes the news which made my day. Sachin crosses 12k and scored 88. I was like ‘Whoaaa!!” And ‘Shit!! I missed it.’ And ‘fuck!! fuck!! I am such an asole’

After all that shit, fuck, whoaa, I realized it’s the dinner time. Now the hunt begins for company and luckily one of my friends buzzed, proposing a self contry dinner at dominoes which later turned into a treat, so I was again ‘whoaa!!’ and ‘Thank God!!’
We came back and it was movie time again. I started ‘Almost famous’. Now this movie is like some movie, which you start and keep going on watching and suddenly you realize that end credits are coming and movie is over. I mean it in good sense that you don’t want them to end, not in the way ‘It’s over!! What were they trying to show?’ It was an amazing movie, with an amazing soundtrack, awesome acting and hot actress. What else you want. It was so smooth, so much that I didn’t even realize that I am watching it for 2 hours. Believe me it’s a must watch. And now comes the night part. I don share my bed time stories [:P]. so that was my perfect day - 17th October, 2008.

Harsha Bhogle on Sachin after he crosses 12K

It was a predictable, if slightly delayed, ascent. Sachin Tendulkar stands atop cricket's Everest but he isn't looking down at the cricketing world. That would be unlike him for he looks upon this game as a vehicle of fulfillment, as a servant rather than a master. There is a delicious irony to it. One of the most humble devotees of the game is himself an idol to so many.

Of course, he knew he was going to get there. Elbows and ankles and many lesser known joints that he brought into public consciousness were the only hurdles. He has always maintained that if he played enough he would get the record.

And so away from the public eye, in these last two or three years he worked on getting his body back into shape. Each time it was a more uphill battle than before, each time the odds against him returning as an equally good cricketer diminished but he kept trying.

He winced and he grimaced but his commitment to the game he loves saw him through. Tendulkar's phenomenal success lies as much in toil and perseverance and such hardy qualities as it does in the many gifts he has been bestowed with.

Yesterday he needed only 15 and instead of laying out a red carpet, Mohali did better. Daljit Singh gave him an excellent wicket to bat on, where the ball was coming onto bat and where shots could be played. This is where, these days, we see the original Tendulkar; on slow, low pitches where he has to bat to save a match he is like a miscast actor. Even there he delivers his lines, comes prepared, does what he has to but that is not him.

He would have loved the fact that he got to the record against Australia. They seek his wicket, the Aussies, they don't give him an inch, but they respect him mightily. Earlier this year in Australia, he got a standing ovation at every ground he played on and admitted later that it moved him enormously. Now he got 88 and showed he can still bat! An irreverent young generation, in a hurry to erase legend, will have to wait longer!

He is still only 35 but because he started so young, and couldn't sign a tour contract till he had scored three Test hundreds, it seems he has been around forever. On his first tour of England, he batted against Eddie Hemmings who started his first-class career seven years before Tendulkar was born. Now he shares a dressing room with young men who were in their nappies, or sometimes found even those unnecessary, when he scored his first century! But the zest, the limitless energy, the obsession with cricket hasn't dimmed. That, in itself, is extraordinary.

All his life he has had to confront mighty expectations; his own, which are scary, and those of his adoring fans which are probably scarier. It is a burden all great men have to carry and only some do lightly. Every time he has dropped a notch, India has moaned. We put up with corruption, don't mind poor toilets, manfully live through terrorism but cannot allow Tendulkar, in the end just a man, to fail occasionally. And yet the same people have loved him like no other cricketer in the history of the game has been loved.

The incomparable Don Bradman became part of folklore because he brought cheer to the people in depressing times. History has brought such depression upon us again as people see their savings evaporate, seemingly harmless cyclists become human bombs. There is much misery in our times. But there is also Tendulkar, who you know will be earnest and honest in his effort, who will let you forget your existence for a while, playing a real man in a real world.

Only a few are given the opportunity to spread such cheer. Through diligence and toil, and magical ability, Sachin Tendulkar has done that.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

chennai as a metro

I spent some of my days in Mumbai this summer. I was really amazed by the speed of the life. The traffic, the buildings, fly-over, crowd , chics…..everything was awesome out there. Now I know why people say “Mumbai to Mumbai hai”. but as my roots are in chennai , the thought of this fucking sucking city comes to the mind anyways. So I was sitting idle and comparing Chennai and Mumbai and jotted down some points.
The topic of the report is – Chennai as Metro

•Last time I checked there were 2 malls in Chennai- spencers and city centre
•The latest car seen on road is indigo , I guess!!
•Latest clothing range – Nalli lungees which are matching with your wife sarees (jo biwi se kare pyar , who nail lungees se kaise kare inkaar!!)
•One - 30 storey building and two other 25 storey building are coming up for the first time in Chennai ( my final year project is this 30 storey wala building so u see it ultimately me only contributing in transforming chennai)

I really hate the Chennai and its culture. These people boasts of their cultures and ethics but when it come to their own society these are the most hypocrite people. I always had a firm belief that movies are the mirror of society and and the image I get from the tamil movies is crystal clear – exploting the heroines to core, The way their camera explores the female lead body is so shameful and I am not talking about the B grade industry but about the hardcore tollywood. These people really sucks man!! I hate this place. i even hate this name chennai. i liked madras though. and thats why its IIT madras not IIT chennai [:)]

Todays Newpaper

I just finished my todays dose of daily newspaper.And I want to tell you that I am a real fan of TOI. Just because of the fact that they know how to sell the things. Like for an instance today, there was one article with the headline ‘exposure will help Indians’ and the article was having an ad of Romanov in between with a pic of shilpa shetty. Now the first thing which come to my mind was obvious but later it turned out that article was related to Indian Olympic team with a exposure to new facilities and tournament. And its not over. There was 1 other pic with a caption ‘Duty on a damp day’ and in the pic , a policeman is standing rite next to a bus on which some condom add is there. Now they can easily have gone with some other pic but they know in India only 2 things sells- “SRK and Sex”. That’s why I love these guys and I love Neha dhupia too. [: P]

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Summer 2008

It’s been a long time since I touched I had any kind of contact with my blog. I was too busy doing my intern round the clock. The work was about taking my sleeping habits to new dimension. The work was completed successfully and the certificate has been issued. Now I am the only ISO certified sleep trainer.
Apart from my intern this summer was full of excitements, new level of farts. I opted the intern at ‘TATA (LALA) projects limited’ in kota itself. Being in your hometown for such a long time with all your cousins around was a life time roller coaster ride. 3 months were like ‘whoof!!’ day used to begin with a carom game, then a 3 hour business game session, then comics, and rest of the time is taken up by cards. But the highlights were weirdest of the weirdest thoughts that keep coming up and then a long serious discussion on them. It’s really awesome to think about all such sessions. I wish those days never ended, I wish life is always like that, I wish those days come again…NO they come rite now, I wish that I keep wishing those days …..

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Treat @kabul


Sometimes you think you are going through the hardest time of your life. Believe me there is nothing as cruel as the situation when your stomach calls you and you have no options to release the tension. It happened with me recently while we were in lab till late night. Thanks to those biscuits, tea and cold drink together, which made the situation worse. I was hoping that we could wrap up fast. Finally after a long pleading session, the guys pack the work and we start moving to hostels. I was happy and relaxed now. The churning in the abdominals was also under control. I was sure in next 15 min, me and my lever,kidney,heart brain, everything will be happy. Suddenly buiyya( a batchmate) declares me as the lucky winners of –‘who will give lift contest’. Buiyya was driving and I was sitting on carrier, that fucking asshole carrier. He ensured my relaxation time gets over and countdown begins again. I was hoping that I will be able to survive till my hostel. But buiyya was very determined to give me the hell of a ride. He was going at a pace of 30cm/hour. Anyways the things were still under control till that bhenchod get the cycle down the road on the rocky terrain of our forest reserved campus. I was like omg…no it was OMG.i really mean it OH MY GOD!!! If I would have been God then for sure buiyya will be given the punishment of getting fried or like putting his own hand inside his ass. Yeah whatever, but for me in the present situation, all these punishments was like piece of cake. I can feel the things going down. They were ready to explode. This was such a situation which nobody takes seriously. They will laugh at you, mock you but only thou who suffer know the pain. And that fucking asshole carrier was making sure that nothing gets better with time. I don’t know but I was feeling the world would be a lot better place if I was alone on planet. Suddenly everything seems useless. I was not hearing what people were talking around me. I was just concentrating and concentrating real hard.everything was blank in my mind. I was just calculating the distance left and time left with the speed 30cm/sec. Every single bump on road was bringing things near to climax. I was sure that It was few mm down the ass. And finally my hostel came. Ithen I started the fastest sprint of my life. The same which shahrukh do for the every single heroine going away. Finally I manged to get in the bathroom just in time. And it was ‘NIRVANA’

Sunday, March 2, 2008

We love jussu

I used to hate jussu aka dhruv in my first year. Also in second year. But it was later the things changed between us. He helped me a lot in my hard time and I realized that he is misunderstood person. Anyways during all these time I noticed some peculiarity about jussu. Like if jussu says something, don’t believe, he means something else. Famous ones are here for you.

Jussu: ‘abey ek cheez bata’
Meaning: I m doing this and you should agree and appreciate this.

Jussu: ‘kya kar raha hai?’
Meaning: you have to come with me to basera or coffee or guru or god knows. In short for next 1 hour you are going to be with me.

Jussu: ‘abey mera matlab hai ki’
Meaning: I don’t know anything about it. I am bluffing.

Jussu: ‘tera free elective kya hai’
Meaning: you are dead if you are not having financial eco with you.

Jussu: ‘abbey XYZ ka job kahan laga’
Meaning: ‘I am going to tell you everything about IIT Madras placement’

So these were the few ones. Whatever happen , he will be definitely the most discussed person on the circuit. Thanks a lot jussu for providing us so many topics for discussion. We all love you!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

30 movie to watch before you die

This is the list of some of the non poplular movie which are muct watch. The choice of the movie may differ but I am sure most of the movie are worth watching. Any genuine movie lover will surely enjoy these movies. So this my list of ‘30 movie to watch before you die’

1.Donnie brasco
2.Choristes Les
4.Groundhog Day
5.The Machinist
6.Lucky number slevin
7.Freedom writers
8.Run lola run
9.Abre los ojos (Open Your Eyes)
10.The man from earth
11.Sweet November
12.Indecent proposal
13.Dead poet society
14.Day watch
15.Midaq alley
16.District B13
17.Big fish
18.Forest gump
21.Lord of war
22.Dot the I
23.Spy game
24.Kal aaj and tomorrow
25.waisa bhi hota hai

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Me and Myself

ques.Why do you write blog.?
ans.I think I don’t do anything creative and writing blog gives me a feel of doing something creative, something of my owns. It’s the place where I can showcase my talent of viewing and observing the things differently.

ques.Why your blog is generally on the funnier side.?
ans.I think as the name of my blog suggests – hakuna matata meaning no tension. I believe we have enough reasons and issues around us to make us tense.. so I thought if I would be able to make someone laugh for once also ,then I will feel my blog is not futile. And to be very true this is the thing in which I am best.

que.People say you write arbit fart in your blog?
ans.Now that depends what you consider as fart. The life is full of fight for job, internships, grades, coreships, coordships, girdlfriends etc etc. I have seen people writing crap in their blogs. They write about their daily routine including toilet activities to sleeping tight. Now who on this godamn earth is interested in somebody else’s daily schedule. People write about the cold dark night, air, breeze etc. I feel all these very boring. I believe these feelings are best unexpressed.

ques.‘Paplu’ has been one of the major character in your blog. Will it continue?
ans.Yeah, offcourse. The Paplu has been the one of the greates character on this earth I have ever seen he never hide things. He wil speak out each and every thought going in his mind and will taje each and joke very lightly. So I believe until Paplu is going to be the same person , I will never stop writing.

ques.So in last, do you want to leave the blog on light note or something??
ans.Ok fine, I twll you the incident which happened to me once. I met a gal through some common friend. We chatted for sometime and later we started talking about blog. She asked me to read her blog which obviously the first thing I did next morning. Now in her blog, she described how he slapped a guy who was staring at her in IIT roorkee fest. At that very moment itself I closed the blog and learned my lesson.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Post Saarang Activities

1)Sumedh aka Paplu aka rapchandoos busy texting. Now everytime he sends a text he refer 3 dictionary + gre software + wikipedia etc etc to write a perfect message. Lets wait for the result.
2)Manish aka mallu is busying searching net for drums fundaes since her new gal’s father is a drum teacher and every time the talk comes to drums ultimately.
3)Rajat aka Homework is very very depressed. He is going through post traumatic disorder. In this disease person feel very sick about the place and want to break free and go some place where he will be surrounded by hot chicks forever n ever.
4)MMS and punchar have shut themselves in their rooms for the very obvious reason that their salsa pics are out now on lan.
5)Pattrow changed the status from committed to single on orkut.
6)Tattu – no comments!! [:)]

"Sachin Quoted"

"Sometimes I need to look at the scoreboard to figure out whether I'm batting hundred-plus or whether I am on zero." Sachin Tendulkar struggles to distinguish between his standing ovations for entering the pitch and then for getting his half-century and century.

"I now know what Sachin Tendulkar feels every time he bats in India."
Adam Gilchrist soaks it up while batting in his final Twenty20 in front of a packed MCG

"Commit all your crimes when Sachin is batting. They will go unnoticed because even the Lord is watching."
A placard at the SCG when Sachin Tendulkar was on his way to a magnificent century

"He loves India. He has named his child India. His biggest player is actually Tendulkar. Right now I'm hoping Tendulkar does not hit a catch to him because he will probably drop it to watch him bat."
Irvine Romaine on team-mate Lionel Cann, who is just a bit overawed by being at the World Cup

"You can never say that he is out of form. He is a volcano waiting to explode and we hope he doesn't do that against us in the one-dayers."
Daryl Tuffey hints that Sachin Tendulkar's modest form may be the calm before the storm

"Nothing bad can happen to us if we're on a plane in India with Sachin Tendulkar on it."
Hashim Amla, the South African batsman, reassures himself as he boards a flight

"Sachin Tendulkar is, in my time, the best player without doubt - daylight second, Brian Lara third."
Shane Warne delights the Indian press with his views on batting greats of this era

"Sometimes you get so engrossed in watching batsmen like Rahul Dravid and Sachin Tendulkar that you lose focus on your job."
Yasir Hameed tries to zero in on the exact reason for dropping a vital catch in the third Test at Rawalpindi

"Sachin was so focused. He never looked like getting out. He was batting with single-minded devotion. It was truly remarkable. It was a lesson."
Tennis legend Martina Navratilova joins the Sachin Tendulkar fan club after watching him bat at Sydney

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Hospi treat ( Shaastra) @ GRT

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Dreamcatcher ( short film)

(IBN review: -5 stars…black wale star)
My first attempt to showcase the inborn natural talent that was hidden and hidden deeply. Actually the script was looking god level on papers. The screenplay was giving a hint of Oscar winning movie. The cast was god level. But somehow things went a little out of way. The camera was of not of expected quality. The cameraman was insane which was unluckily me. The cast turn out to be outrageous. People were busy so we have to change the script in order to complete shooting and meet the deadline for submission. Half of the angle had gone waste because people were appearing in background mocking the poor freshie actor. In the end the product which comes out was a fucking piece of shit:

But yeah, I m happy for my first attempt. Thanks to cocodick, gilly who worked so hard in the film and never objected on retakes. Thanks to lot to shamshan n fkd for being a part o this film. And I really want to thanks dickens for awesome editing. And yeah thanks to all my fans. and my gratitudes to anshul,hulka,poorvi for their support,batteries n digicam.

It’s just a chut level movie but yet if you wants to waste your time I am putting it down.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

My 3 wishes to god!!!

1)My first wish is I could sing. I really wanted to sing but alas god has gifted me with such a beautiful voice that I cant destroy it with singing. Anyways if I ever get able to sing I would be singing songs of euphoria, life in a metro n linking park…..

2)The second wish is very common which is every 2nd person has from his/her childhood. I would like to have superpower preferably power of flying. I don’t know whether its inborn feeling or the feel being borned n rose by the movie directors showing the excellent flying sequences. Other powers like super brain, power like flash( justice league) , mind reading( I believe it would be real fun), teleportation( yeah yeah…free world tour) and the list continues…

3)Now this the wish due to which I have written this blog. The third and the most secret one. I wish that my friend Rajat aka Homework got married to a beautiful girl (did I hear-‘hot chick’). “Arey no need to thanks HW…its ok buddy..aage sun”. and later on say 2-3 years later she get involved with me in an extra marital affair…”sorry dost, buts its true”

So these are my 3 wishes and I would be grateful to god if any of this get true (specially the third one[:)])