Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Paplu is back!!!

The mighty Paplu is back with a bang. i was thinking to bring back the main character of my blog back but didn’t got the time. so sorry fans...paplu is back!!
Scene 1: Venue- ID class
Time – 11:30
Date – 3rd October 2005
Paplu was sleeping in the class. Prof jalial came near to him. He taps him. Paplu opens his eyes , see him and sleep again. He taps again. This time Paplu realize that he is a prof, not a TA….paplu jaldi se uthta hai and speaks –“sir, sir…just came”.
Prof –“what you just came in class”.
Paplu-“no, no sir…sleep just came”
Prof give up…later prof was found telling everyone this incident pointing finger towards our dear Paplu

Scene 2 : venue- id class
Time -10:45
End sem paper
In the question paper there was a problem like- you are standing on 20 feet tall building and you have to device a machine to get the things from the ground while standing on roof.
Paplu start answering the question. The doubt start coming while naming the person.(see fig 1.1). whether I should name him as ‘I’ or’ you’. According to me its ‘I’ but for the prof its ‘you’. Anyways in the end prof is going to check the paper so I should solve according to him. So I will put ‘you’
All the characters in this film are real and there is full resemblance to the living characters and the situations shown are occuring again and again.

IIT Madras Production

Civil Department presents


Actor - Pratik, Anshul, Sumedh, sajal, Rajat
Director - A slot prof
producer - B slot prof
music Director - C slot prof
Lyrics - D slot prof
Screenplay - F slot prof
Action Director - HOD
Finance - Dean
assistant Directore - TA
supporting cast - the full Batch Ov Civil'05
Actress - Nice try!!