Monday, December 28, 2009

Review of 3 Idiot: "Why rancho was an Idiot"

Had a chance to saw the movie 3 Idiot last night. Great movie. Tonnes of Sentimental stuff. Lots of messages. Great navel show by Kareena. Over and all a great movie. I mean atleast that what I thought when I came out of hall. But later in night, thinking about kareena, I got my attention slipped on other parts of movie too and I realized that it was of the greatest disaster film ever created in the industry after the SRK films. Sure if you think from my angle.

1. The most irritating thing was the ascent of Boman Irani. Yeah it was good when it was in Kaminey but don’t repeat the same thing and that too with such a irritating make up and hair style. I mean c’mon you don’t need the character to be hateful through make up. Let the script do it.

2. “All izz well”… that is the status message of half of my friends, currently online in my gtalk account. Now dude, c’mon gimme a break. What is all the hype about? It was just so insensible if you think to do in practical life. Just observe, even the little ‘Champ’ was kicking hard to shut them up. He even started crying, begging them to stop saying that irritating message again and again. And all these 3 + 20 other idiots was thinking, it was the magic of ‘All izz…well’. They even had a complete song dedicated on this. Absolute brilliant show of idiocracy!

3. Why the fuck ‘mili meter’ was crying when rancho gets the best student award. I mean who the hell cries on graduating day and even when he is receiving an award. I have never seen anybody crying in my college. Even who got the extension was chilling out. But again, why the hell ‘mili meter’ was senti.

4. Now its good that rancho decide to help joy in making his final year project. But again, in one more great show of (in)sensibility he tries to keep it secret and surprise him. And the result, you all know. Yeah now I agree with Rancho that it was a murder. But Rancho, you fucking moron. You are responsible for it. You idiot, you should have just told him that, ‘let me help you and we will complete the project’. Instead he tried to be superhero, doing everything alone and keeping the poor fellow joy in trauma for the days when our idiot Rancho was trying to make a super final year project in his first year itself and that too in the constrained amount of time.

5. There used to be a detective serial on DD2 – ‘Raja and rancho’ where Rancho was played by a moneky. That moneky even was smarter than our dear Aamir Khan. You remember, after helping Mona giving birth to a child, Rancho just lifts his bag and starts moving out. Now the scene started with all the three friends leaving together. But finally he starts moving alone. I mean, simply a 3rd class footage taking attitude. Dude be mature. Yes you are an idiot.

6. Rancho had 400 patents on his name and none of the Indian TV channel, even the IndiaTV also, didn’t cover him - looks so farfetched. I mean hirani was excellent with timeline of the movie. He even attached the 2004 Mumbai rains with the graduating year and related it with plot greatly. But Mr. Hirani, Technology is one more thing if you haven’t heard. You ignored the sheer brilliance of media bringing everything buried out. They do it literally once when they get the prince out of the tubewell hole.

7. The movie was racist in his theme. The way they insult the great tamilians celebrated tradition to mug, mug and mug, along with trying everything to leave others behind is mocked all the way in movie. Now I hereby I strongly condemn the scenes featuring chatur as the biggest asole , farting sambhar smell throughout the movie. On the record I would like to say that I sincerely appreciate his gesture of providing the much needed porno magazines to relieve the pressure during exam time. He was so much different from the usual tamilians and trying to help other fellow students in concentrating for exam. On the other hand, what do you say about Rancho securing first rank year after year and our other two idiots getting screwed up? Rancho was all the way motivating them, not to study and secretly studying on his own. Now that is should be bring ahead and blamed.

8. Who the fuck go and have a marriage in Manali and that too when you are well settled in Delhi. I mean, that was way out of line. I don’t even want to discuss this. Just one thing – Kareena and ‘Price Tag’ was engaged when Rancho was in 1st or 2nd year. Now after 4 year of college + 5 year of wilderness – 2 initial years = 7 years. This is the courtship period for kareena. What the …Fuck!!

I have just one thing to say – the title of the movie shouldn’t be 3 Idiots but ‘300 idiots’. In the loving memory of all the 300 morons who worked their blood and sweat to make it possible for the movie to cross all the limits of idiocracy!!

Hats off for the team!!

PS 1: I forgot to mention about the 2 months extra expensive medication at the posh hospital in Delhi while the price of bhindi being Rs. 12/kg makes you go haywaired. Plus 2000 bucks new saree. Who the hell is financing…Raj Kumar Hirani??

PS2: Rancho used to visit the blog of Sharman joshi and never lefts a comment. Now that is crime according to penal court of blogosphere. So folks, if you are not leaving comment, then you are a state convict. Mind It!!