Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Treat @kabul


Sometimes you think you are going through the hardest time of your life. Believe me there is nothing as cruel as the situation when your stomach calls you and you have no options to release the tension. It happened with me recently while we were in lab till late night. Thanks to those biscuits, tea and cold drink together, which made the situation worse. I was hoping that we could wrap up fast. Finally after a long pleading session, the guys pack the work and we start moving to hostels. I was happy and relaxed now. The churning in the abdominals was also under control. I was sure in next 15 min, me and my lever,kidney,heart brain, everything will be happy. Suddenly buiyya( a batchmate) declares me as the lucky winners of –‘who will give lift contest’. Buiyya was driving and I was sitting on carrier, that fucking asshole carrier. He ensured my relaxation time gets over and countdown begins again. I was hoping that I will be able to survive till my hostel. But buiyya was very determined to give me the hell of a ride. He was going at a pace of 30cm/hour. Anyways the things were still under control till that bhenchod get the cycle down the road on the rocky terrain of our forest reserved campus. I was like omg…no it was OMG.i really mean it OH MY GOD!!! If I would have been God then for sure buiyya will be given the punishment of getting fried or like putting his own hand inside his ass. Yeah whatever, but for me in the present situation, all these punishments was like piece of cake. I can feel the things going down. They were ready to explode. This was such a situation which nobody takes seriously. They will laugh at you, mock you but only thou who suffer know the pain. And that fucking asshole carrier was making sure that nothing gets better with time. I don’t know but I was feeling the world would be a lot better place if I was alone on planet. Suddenly everything seems useless. I was not hearing what people were talking around me. I was just concentrating and concentrating real hard.everything was blank in my mind. I was just calculating the distance left and time left with the speed 30cm/sec. Every single bump on road was bringing things near to climax. I was sure that It was few mm down the ass. And finally my hostel came. Ithen I started the fastest sprint of my life. The same which shahrukh do for the every single heroine going away. Finally I manged to get in the bathroom just in time. And it was ‘NIRVANA’

Sunday, March 2, 2008

We love jussu

I used to hate jussu aka dhruv in my first year. Also in second year. But it was later the things changed between us. He helped me a lot in my hard time and I realized that he is misunderstood person. Anyways during all these time I noticed some peculiarity about jussu. Like if jussu says something, don’t believe, he means something else. Famous ones are here for you.

Jussu: ‘abey ek cheez bata’
Meaning: I m doing this and you should agree and appreciate this.

Jussu: ‘kya kar raha hai?’
Meaning: you have to come with me to basera or coffee or guru or god knows. In short for next 1 hour you are going to be with me.

Jussu: ‘abey mera matlab hai ki’
Meaning: I don’t know anything about it. I am bluffing.

Jussu: ‘tera free elective kya hai’
Meaning: you are dead if you are not having financial eco with you.

Jussu: ‘abbey XYZ ka job kahan laga’
Meaning: ‘I am going to tell you everything about IIT Madras placement’

So these were the few ones. Whatever happen , he will be definitely the most discussed person on the circuit. Thanks a lot jussu for providing us so many topics for discussion. We all love you!!