Saturday, July 18, 2009

love at the time of Recession

It was supposed to be a yet another regular journey from kota to new delhi. Me and my friend ‘joshi’ boarded on train around 11:50 PM. We had side upper and side lower seats at our disposal. Everything was pretty much regular, joshi was putting fight to make space for luggage and I was putting ladki pataoing fundae to my Ujjain friend.

It’s been 4 years that I have been living in Chennai and trust me, 4 years at such a place is quite sufficient to make you turn on even with the glimpse of fairer sex. I repeat 'FAIR'er. Things stop mattering for you much. You switch from the physical beauty to ‘ dil ki sundarta’. 'Adjustment' or 'compromise' is the word you are very comfortable with. High pitch voice is one of the best sound that ear awaits to hear. (That rhymes actually!!). In short - anything ‘fair, non male’ is all we need.

Anyways the real incident is like this. I was talking on phone and suddenly I saw a fairer sex and that too completely female with the proper vital stats enter into our coach. Now after seeing the description of my position , you can imagine the level of turn on I had. ( I mean not literally imagine).

Then something happened. Something which make me realized that why people say this period as recession. How desperate people are for jobs.

I saw the tag of Evalueserve on the bag. That’s something which made me forget all my desperation and bring the real job hunting Indian out in the front. My mind suddenly starts functioning again. It was imagining something minutes before and now it started plotting. Ideas started pouring how the contacts for the company can be obtained.

I used all my usual tactics of chup chup ke dekhna, dheere se muskrana and all but nothing seems to work. Finally I took the decisive step to go and talk to her directly.

But I forget the role of joshi. This fucker was the reason to give me strength to do something which I havent done in last 3 years.

It was tough. It was really tough.

I practiced all my dialogues in mind. I divided the whole conversation in various cases and prepared answer for every situation. I was determined to succeed. With all the motivation from joshi , I decided to make my final move. I start walking towards her.

She was lying on the lower birth. She was also looking bored which was a good sign for me as in that case conversation can be attempted from both sides.

Me – ‘Hello’

Hi !!

Aah….., actually I wanted to ask you something

Hmmm..okay…(thank god, she realized that I cant do much of an attack with a question)

Are you working in evalueserve??

No actually I don’t (damn it!! Then why are you caring this fucking bag with Evalueserve tag on it)

Oh okay…actually I was looking for apply in the firm….( no I am not jobless, just looking for better opportunities)


I mean its ok…( I still had the hopes that now since the job thing hasn’t worked out I still have the fairer sex thing to work.)

Gal- “ okay then bbye!

( wtf? I was preparing to make my next move. Bbye was not the option in my cases considered)

Yeah thanks, bbye!!

I turned back just to realize the real reason for motivation from joshi. A cunning smile on his face says it all. I was sure that this incident is not going to end here. It will be spread everywhere now.

Later on, I saw her bf appearing from nowhere and I convinced myself that committed gals are not for me and slept again.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Rajasthan, is known for its palaces, kings, royal families, fort etc etc…but believe me the best thing of this place is the people. The people, who drive auto, sell kachodi, own shop and roam around here and there.

I landed on the kota Jn. platform around 2.30 am. The most pleasant thing was auto wala demanded 100 bucks, I said 80….he said ok…total discussion time 20 sec…compared to Chennai where it was minimum 20 mins.

I wanted to give him 10 more bucks for the pleasant smile during all the conversation but I saved it for the morning breakfast. (Typical baniya..u see).

So moving ahead, auto started with the starting pace of 70kmph accompanied by the super ‘altaf raja’ songs at full volume. Mind you it was 3 am and I started getting the feel of good ol’ Kota days.

The next 3 days I covered the entire essential spots- talwandi chourahe ki kachodi + poha, prakash ke sandwich, noble hair dresser ka hair cut, jodhpur ki pyaz ki kachodi, dhabe ka khana and kulfi faluda.

Why it’s that everything of your native place attracts you? Whether it be the deafening loud music of auto walas, crowd of thousands students roaming around or the tempo walas leaving the smoke capable of killing you in 5 mins direct on your face. You just don’t object them and even you start liking them after some years.

But in Chennai, I even hate people following traffic lights. You have all the freedom to break traffic lights in Rajasthan.


Friday, July 3, 2009

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT ( My Thesis report)

I would like to thank Professor K. Rajagopal, Head of Department for providing the opportunity to work on this intriguing project. I would like to thank Prof. Rengaraju and Dr. P Alagusundaramoorthy for their constructive criticism during project evaluation, which helped me to make necessary improvements.

I am deeply indebted to the Research associates Mr. Vijay Ganesh, Mr Deepak Kumar and my Mtech senior V. Nagaraja whose constant guidance helped me completing my project.

Thanks are due to my friends who have made each day at IITM a new experience for me. I would specially like to thanks my group ‘Sparks’ I would like to thanks Sajal for being my benchmate and listening all my future ideas. I cannot forget Anshul without whom I would have never been able to complete by degree. I am, thankful to Sumedh for being my partner-in-crime throughout my IIT stay. I always cherished the company of Rajat.

I would also like to thank Ravi for teaching me lot about life and Career. I express my thanks to saurabh for saving my life. I cannot be what I am without Vipul and Konark who stand beside me in all my times. I am also thankful to Kartik, Satyan, Ashutosh Phani, Nitin, Ritesh, Kapil, Ankit for being a great company.

I owe my brother, Shailesh a lot who has been my role model and the reason why I am here. I also express my gratitude to Kshitiz for being an idol, friend, cousin and torch bearer in my life. I would also like to thank Deepanshu, Gopal, Mudit, Seemanshu for being a constant support through out my life.

Last but not the least; I would like to thank my family. The constant inspiration and guidance kept me focused and motivated. I am grateful to my dad for giving me the life I ever dreamed. I can’t express my gratitude for my mom in words, whose unconditional love has been my greatest strength. The constant love and support of my sister is sincerely acknowledged. I cannot forget my uncle, Piyush, the reason I chose civil as my engineering field.

Finally, my greatest regards to the Almighty for bestowing upon me the courage to face the complexities of life and complete this project successfully.



Its 2:00 am and I just realized that I have been tagged by tangerine. I am tagged second time and I am feeling excited but the idea I got from other bloggers who got tagged is that it’s just the initial excitement only.

Anyways I should follow the trend until I am enjoying it.

Here goes the rule.
Don't take too long to think about it. Fifteen books you've read that will always stick with you. First fifteen you can recall in no more than 15 minutes. Tag up to 15 friends, including me because I'm interested in seeing what books my friends choose

Its really tough when you are not much of a reading buff and all when all you can think about is crashing or the ‘doga + nagraj’ comics you just finished. [;)].

But the task needs to be finished so here I go.

1. The stories of Sherlock Holmes - Arthur C Doyle.:
I started reading novels in my life after I read ‘Speckled band’ (am I right with name, somebody confirm please) in my ninth grade. Later by the end of my tenth grade I finished the most of the Sherlock holmes collections and yes, I deserved more than 84% in 10th. Sherlock was the real culprit

(Hey mom, dad….u reading??

Okay I commit, I wasn’t always studying after latching my door. Sherlock holmes collection was
in the second drawer. )

2. Kite Runner - K Hossieni.
The novel which I enjoyed the most and I savoured it for like 3 weeks reading just a couple of chapters everyday and saving it for as long as I can.

3. Interpreter of Maladies - Jhumpa lahiri
I read this novel long time ago when I didnt have any understanding for complex feeling but still one of the story touched me so deep that its still one of my all time fav.

4. Freakonomics: Steven Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner.
A must read for the people interested in knowing the hidden side and some of the most beautiful practical application of economics.

5. State of Fear: Michahel Crichton
The novel which started my 2 year hunt for crichton’s novel and I am delighted that now only 1 in the list is remaining.

6. Angels and Demons: Dan brown
The only masterpiece of author, as I see.

7. Harry Potter Series: JK Rowling
I guess the list will be incomplete without the mention. Though I am not a very big fan.

8. PS I love you: Cecelia Ahern
A great novel describing all the aspects of life of a young widow.

9. PG Wodehouse collection
There is nothing better in the world than enjoying his novels.
I guess I will stop here since I am not able to recollect the name of anymore good books but I am sure the coming time will definitely fill this void of remaining 7 books.

Que: do Raj Comics also count. If then anything featuring super commando dhruv is the best.

Following the tradition I tag tangerine, Vikas, ashutosh, nikesh ,Abhishek and shruti

PS: And finally Er. Pratik gupta nameplate awaiting for me.