Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It rained that night

Its been over 7 months since we talked the way we used to. Its all only the casual talk





It seemed more of a formal conversation. No-one was even trying to get the things better. Its just that we were comfortable that way. For the outside world we were still the ideal ‘Husband-wife’. We’ve always been. But I fear they have also started seeing through the farce we were pretending.

It was a rainy night. It rained like never before. Seemed it was determined enough to take the complete city with it. I was running around, closing all the panes and doors and there I saw her. She was standing in the rain, steady. It looked like even the wind would not dare to move her. I came near to her. She was dripping wet. It reminded me of the first time when I saw her walking down the road. The only difference was the smile, the smile which gleamed her eyes, that took my breath away, was missing. Instead, i saw the shine of tears in her eyes, after a long long time i saw that. Tears. Couple of them were able to make their way significantly to get noticed.

On any other day I would have reached her and held her straight away, but at that time I thought for long time before going near to her and keep my hand on her shoulder. She turned towards me. I could see the dam of sorrows which was tied beneath the indifferent behaviour was broken. She looked at me and whispered slowly : “I wanted to name him Yash.”

Yash. The baby which never took his first breath. We cried that night, together for the first time in 7 month and we cried like never before. The rain tried hard to hide the tears but at the end it gave up...