Thursday, March 29, 2007

world cup miracles!!!

hello, the idea of writing and creating my own blog was there in my mind since the day when we lost to srilanka in world cup and indian cricket team secured peaceful holidays in some resort outside India( ob they cant come back now) but last night while i was watching LION KING , then i felt very strongly taht tensions, chaos are becoming the part of our lets revive the motto of life "hakuna matata"

To begin with lets get back to match...i don’t know how much u have noticed that, when dhoni gets out and score was 112/6 then their was a short break taken by dravid, telling the reason he want to piss(really???)....but what actually happened was he went , called his mom and asked - " where are you"
mom- " in home dear ,watching u putting fight"
dravid - " so everything fine till now"
mom -" yes son..everything is fine except India’s position in match"
dravid - match ko maro goli...u all just pack your bag n go out for a long vacation to some hill station or whatever...people will be coming there shortly to burn our house...and yes sachin's family is planning to go out in Honolulu forever, so u can join them also"

This was dravid case. Another one is- people complained about the reliance network getting blocked. After I searched for the truth, it was revealed that sehwag's mom was trying hard to call her son and ask him - 'kar lo duniya muthi mein"

friends it just the beginning...pls comment if u like this!!!


aniket said...

good start...

Mr. Rax said...

indian cricket team ki poori khabar rakhte ho aap!!
studd only!