Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Hospi Newsletter!!

This post is exclusively upon the hospitality team. For the change in this Shaastra, beside the usual slogging n working, the new factor was thulping. The nearly 5 digit grub bills will confirm my statement. All credit goes to ‘Thi- rani’ and ‘I don’t talk, I don’t argue, I just pass’. Let’s leave the people with the caricature badges aside n goes to the poor, unlucky people with the worasht quality badges hanging round the neck 24 hours a day causing skin rashes.

Coord 1 – This coord created a history. Every year hospi team got 1 or 2 coords who never go n see hospi desk but this was the only coord who never saw control room. He got his ‘Tant’ fixed at desk and trying hard to use his ‘Ex’ effect but as usual, destiny follows.

Coord-2 – The most hard working coord of the group, busy all the time either with the control room or busy with the thoughts of his meta gal.

Coord -3 -- no. 3 was busy with his bot and his new love of life that is coord no. 8 .cant say much because I m in love too with him ;)

Coord 4 – yeh lambe lambe bal, sunahri se ankhein, meethi awaz , patli kamar…..yes I m talking about coord 4. Trying something new everyday with his hair, didn’t change his luck and he ends up with the memories of lost love only.

Coord 5 – no comments….busy swimming all through Shaastra. (This fcuker has gave conjuctivities to me and my darling, coord 3)

Coord 6 -- playing h’IP'e and seek with the hospi team all through the Shaastra. What I can tell you is, You will hear some linking park ringtone, then the room will filled with some white gas and when the gas will be out , you will notice, coord 6 has gone like BOOM!! PDND him for next 2-3 hours.

Coord 7 – the prestigious coord (‘S Y Raman’). First time on the hospi desk the male homosapiens was announcing. All credits goes to this coord. Busy impressing the saarang EP core through the Shaastra, never ever turn up to hospi desk and found claiming openly, the desire of putting peace.

Coord 8 – that’s me, the most charming, enthusiastic, hard working coord of the lot. Its your bad luck if u have only seen me sleeping in control room or in the darkest corners of institute.

Anyways it was the best hospitality team of my life. I really enjoyed working a lot.i will never forget the work, silly ideas, all jokes, night outs, all fart, cricket, grub, 7 shakes a time…..man there are too many things to recollect.. This was the greatest Shaastra and all credit goes to the team. I am sure I am not gonna get such team again but I am sure memories related to this Shaastra will never ever fade away.Love u all and gonna miss you…!!

Thanks to paed….you were the best core I have Ever seen.i really enjoyed working with you and really want to work again if ever got a chance. Mera vaada agar divya mili to mein aapke bare mein zaroor bataunga!!

Thanks to proxy…I love you dude!!

Thanks to ip….abhi to bahut kuch saath karma hai dude.

Thanks to galib, tattu- see you again in saarang.

Thanks to chola….tu naa hota to naa jane kya hota ;)

Thanks to jussu and samyukta sethuraman….i am sorry but you were the hottest topic among us.
Thanks to sameer….sorry to mention- HOSPI COORD 9 ..hats off to you!!

Shaastra ends but as usual left the memories that none of us is going to forget.Bbye!!


Sattru said...
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Sattru said...

Dude..what's with your grammar??...And the content too..pretty much boring....sorry...but disappointed me.. :(