Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Paplu is back!!!

The mighty Paplu is back with a bang. i was thinking to bring back the main character of my blog back but didn’t got the time. so sorry fans...paplu is back!!
Scene 1: Venue- ID class
Time – 11:30
Date – 3rd October 2005
Paplu was sleeping in the class. Prof jalial came near to him. He taps him. Paplu opens his eyes , see him and sleep again. He taps again. This time Paplu realize that he is a prof, not a TA….paplu jaldi se uthta hai and speaks –“sir, sir…just came”.
Prof –“what you just came in class”.
Paplu-“no, no sir…sleep just came”
Prof give up…later prof was found telling everyone this incident pointing finger towards our dear Paplu

Scene 2 : venue- id class
Time -10:45
End sem paper
In the question paper there was a problem like- you are standing on 20 feet tall building and you have to device a machine to get the things from the ground while standing on roof.
Paplu start answering the question. The doubt start coming while naming the person.(see fig 1.1). whether I should name him as ‘I’ or’ you’. According to me its ‘I’ but for the prof its ‘you’. Anyways in the end prof is going to check the paper so I should solve according to him. So I will put ‘you’