Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Perfect day

I was having my quiz on ‘HR management’. I am not sure about the title of the course but it was some ‘god level’ crap and with the aim to mug ad puke, I wake up at 6. I started the songs from a folder, which I downloaded last night. In that on particular song was really awesome. The name is ‘Aicha’. Initially I was not able to get lyrics or anything except music. After some exploration it comes out to be an Arabic song. When the day starts with a awesome song, I believe it’s a good day. Then I went to give paper and puked all the possible crap in paper and proceeded towards common room for the grand test match. I did some betting with my friend and I won 2 of them as India won the toss and chose to bat. Sehwag was playing awesome, jokes were going around and temp was cool. A perfect atmosphere to watch cricket. Then I had to leave for some work which was followed by an awesome lunch at ‘Adyar Bhawan’. Sandwich, chat and badam milk was gluttonized and finally I bring down my ass in my room. It was the movie time now. I started ‘American birds’. It was a pretty decent movie and seeing Mathew Perry (Chandler Bing – Friends) in such a different role was quite amazing. It was followed by some mugging stuff and the in realized –shit. I missed the match. I switch on to score. Now comes the news which made my day. Sachin crosses 12k and scored 88. I was like ‘Whoaaa!!” And ‘Shit!! I missed it.’ And ‘fuck!! fuck!! I am such an asole’

After all that shit, fuck, whoaa, I realized it’s the dinner time. Now the hunt begins for company and luckily one of my friends buzzed, proposing a self contry dinner at dominoes which later turned into a treat, so I was again ‘whoaa!!’ and ‘Thank God!!’
We came back and it was movie time again. I started ‘Almost famous’. Now this movie is like some movie, which you start and keep going on watching and suddenly you realize that end credits are coming and movie is over. I mean it in good sense that you don’t want them to end, not in the way ‘It’s over!! What were they trying to show?’ It was an amazing movie, with an amazing soundtrack, awesome acting and hot actress. What else you want. It was so smooth, so much that I didn’t even realize that I am watching it for 2 hours. Believe me it’s a must watch. And now comes the night part. I don share my bed time stories [:P]. so that was my perfect day - 17th October, 2008.


Abhishek... inside out said...

I don share my bed time stories
amusing as it may sound, this was the line of the post for me.