Friday, May 29, 2009

Trick or Treat ??

I have been in Udaipur from last 15days and the only timepass had been my cell, Facebook and the FMs. The city has 3 connections mainly – 92.7, 94.3 and 95. All these channels are good and play pretty decent tracks. The only flaw is two of the channel played till 00 hours (92.7 and 95).The only channel play till 0100 hours is 94.3.

Apart from this crap, lemme come to the main point. From last 3 days I have been observing a unique thing. As soon as the other 2 channels stop playing, and the only channel available is 94.3, it starts playing the song of Himesh Reshamiya. [;)]

Now I wonder whether it’s a publicity stunt designed by himesh or its pure coincidence. Anyways it’s a treat for me, so I am enjoying.

PS: nice info by Vikas, and Phd at 22 by Shashi Tharoor…whoa!!