Friday, May 14, 2010

I dont like the cupboard

The most amazing thing being in relationship or feeling loved is that you can be a kid all over again. This world doesn’t allow you to be one but that special ones can connect with it. So when it comes to finishing the thing, the most difficult part is to suppress the feeling of being kid.


I entered slowly. I saw him playing with his bat. He was looking so happy. I called him from behind. He turns back, looks back at me and start running around the house calling – “Catch me if you want to”

I run behind him around the table, in the kitchen and finally I got hold of him in bathroom. He was enjoying all the attention. I asked him to sit because I want to talk to him.

He asked me cheerfully –“ Wassup man! Why so serious?” and started laughing.

The smile on her face was making the things even more difficult. I asked him in return “How are you enjoying your life?

He told me –“Its good man, it’s awesome. But you know what - I don’t like that cupboard” I can feel the fear in his voice when he told me the last sentence. It was not his fault. He was locked inside that dark cupboard for more than 2 years now and it was the first time he was out again since then.

He added that he liked her company a lot. Its fun when she is around to take care of him.
I told myself that, how tough it is but this is needed to be done. I told him –“Dude, you need to understand. She doesn’t like you the way you like her...

He was shocked. The entire smile on his face was gone. He said nothing.

I tried to convince him “I have so many other friends no. You can enjoy with them”

He asked me in return – “Do they even know that I exist? And even if they are aware, they don’t know how to open the cupboard”

I asked him to be a little rational. He shouted loudly –“I am just a fucking 4 year old child. How can you expect me to be rational?”

He started crying. He was saying something which was tough to understand. But finally I figured out. He was murmuring –“I don’t want to go into the cupboard again. It’s so dark in there. I don’t like the cupboard. I feel so lonely inside.

I didn’t know what to say. But I knew this was needed to be done. It was for his own benefit. I opened the cupboard. I asked him to go inside.

As I told him this, he tried to escape and run. I grasped him tightly. He tried his best to escape. But he was incapable infront of a 22 year rational man. I pushed him inside.

While he was resisting, he got hit on his head. It started bleeding. I was so scared. I thought to let him go free but then I realized it was for his best interest to be locked in cupboard.

In 2 mins, he stopped trying. He was sitting there inside the cupboard. I can see the horror in his eyes. He was saying only one thing –“I don’t like the cupboard. Please don’t leave me here.”

With the heaviest heart, I closed the door. Locked the gate and start moving to tell her the new joke which I got in SMS. You know what the rational people do.

Then I heard the sweetest voice from the cupboard. “Tell her that she was the best among them all”

I thought maybe he is not a kid anymore.
Maybe I killed him forever this time.

“ I don’t like the cupboard”

( Dedicated to a friend with whom I explored the horizons of gayness. A friend without whom life will be a lot less fun and a lot less cheerful. Friend who was more than a friend and he leaves tomorrow. Yus, that bugger ditched me for a girl. And he returns home leaving me for her. Oh! I so want to kill him now. )


The Flower Of English Grammar said...

Ohhhh.... I feel so sad, buddy!!! The guy must probably have explored the horizons of gayness with you, but as it happens, sometimes sexual needs remain unfulfilled!!! I guess you lost your plot there n there he goes... back to the wilder world of STRAIGHTness!!! :P

But CHEERS, all is not lost... You will find him on those horizons again.... :)

Insignia said...

Awww That was one heck of an emotional post. You need to tread these paths to grow. :-)

Chanz said...

"Dedicated to a friend with whom I
explored the horizons of gayness"

Do i need to rack ma brains at this..??

but the post was quite emotional...

Abhishek said...

Lovely way of telling a story, I must say!

Nipun said...

May d kid rise again bhaiya..
May u get wat u want..:P
May he be back to u..:P

Lovely style dis tym..:)



p.s. Find a new partner..:)

Shas said...

Am speechless...moved by the story. Hope u are able to find someone who will respect ur feelings and stay with you forever.

Mr Happy said...

the thing about gayness is , it is available far easily :)

nice way of story telling

Anonymous said...

nice way of putting out things. and the best thing is, your story is open to interpretation. a cupboard could mean so many things to different people. loved the story.

Sorcerer said...

hey story teller..Nice nice.
coming here after a break..will have to get back to reading those I missed

Pratik Gupta said...

@Flower: Bugger, You can run, You can hide but you cant escape :)

@Insignia: i am on it :)

@Chanz: no chanz, Its pretty much clear i Guess :)

Pratik Gupta said...

@Abhishek: Glad that you liked it mate :)

@nipun: Amen!! :)

@SHAS: Amen Again!! But I am sure he cant go far from me :)

Pratik Gupta said...

@Mr Happy: Eggjactly !! :)

@Strawberry : Thanks for telling me the other side of the story. I was quite unaware of it. I would love to know what is cupboard to you .

@Sorcy: Anytime mate, Its all yours.

Barbie Jones said...

You sure are a breath of fresh air to be so honest about being gay,this is a fantastic story.Finally I like a guy and he's flaming gay.You are a great story teller,and I love your bluntness,you're so different from all other bloggers.I'd like to dive more into the cupboard issue.What's your take on it?

Indli said...

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