Monday, August 30, 2010

Cute, Beautiful & Hot

Had a very interesting conversation with one of my friends last night. I asked her what a girl means when she tells a guy that he is cute.

Now, for me being called cute is being pink, or red, or simply gay (I hate being politically correct all the time, especially when I’m called cute)! It is like you are being told, “Sorry mate, you are not good for anything. But we can be friends”.

My point is, I do not mind being a friend. But I hate being a ‘cute’ friend.

So I asked her in plain words, and she told me what the different words really mean:

Cute: The guy can sweep the girl off her feet by his charm.

Hot: The guy can sweep the girl off her feet through his looks.

Smart: The guy can sweep the girl off her feet because of his brains.

… and so on.

I must say we are way better (and creative) in terms of expression. We are the better deceivers in this game.

So here’s my take on the different things we tell a girl, and what we really mean:

Cute: You are beautiful.

Beautiful: You are hot.

Hot: I so want to have sex with you. Right now.

This is it. Simple, no?


Ramanathan Kannan said...

Interesting post... My views are rather pessimistic indeed... If a girl calls you:
cute -she means - u can be my friend
smart - she means- i will take your advise and talk about, lets say, history and geography with you :)

I have never been called hot. So I have no idea what that means.

By the way, can you tell me how you got that rating widget in your blog ?

The Flower Of English Grammar said...

very simple and rightly said!!!

Nipun said...

How do you come up with such posts bhaiya??

That was out of the world.
Really the reality.

If I would have thought about this, then the same things would have cme out.:P

U rock..:)



Rosina Joseph Abi said...

cute, beautiful & hot >.<

JUMPER said...


Psaffy said...


Psaffy said...
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Sumedh V. Vidwans said...

I fully agree with the guys' side of expressions.

But being called cute is nothing more than a consolation prize for the guys. If a girl calls you cute, it means only 1 thing: She will never go out with you, and that she thinks you are gay.

Heavenly Muse said...

i wonder since when this word ''cute has been included in the arena of other adjectives......
nice research ;-)