Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sachin - The God himself

Everyone has just one question on their mind - How he do, what he do? But I don’t want to ask him anything.I have no question for him. Rather I want to ask you and me and everyone else these questions?

How many of us have worked for years without feeling to give up? How many of us have gone even for flat 22 days to work with the same enthusiasm? How on earth can someone work day after day, week after week, year after year for 22 years with the same commitment and focus? How many of us has cherished and lived a dream for 28 years and kept fighting for it? How many of us have felt disappointed not just by ourselves but by the efforts of people around us? How many of us have tried to be with the people who were not there with us at the time when they were required most, with the people who booed us then? How many of us has managed to kept ourselves far away from any controversy, any fight? How many of us have to think every single day to fight against 15 players, 2 coaches and other staff? How many of us have to outthink people every day? How many are successful in the business where success rate has been close to 0%? How many of us have managed to be on top for 22 years?

But the most important thing is how many of us have managed to kept the fire alive like he did? How many of us woke up everyday with same enthusiasm towards our lives, our dreams, our goals?

I don’t think I can ever understand what It is like to be him. What it takes to be there? May be I don’t want to know because I am sure that the answer will be something which is way beyond my understanding, my capabilities. I just want to savour the moments which are left not thinking about how its going to be after that.

The world is ending in 2012 anyways!


Ashtung said...

I don't think I'll ever watch cricket with the same interest and passion once he bids goodbye!!!

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