Saturday, January 5, 2008

My 3 wishes to god!!!

1)My first wish is I could sing. I really wanted to sing but alas god has gifted me with such a beautiful voice that I cant destroy it with singing. Anyways if I ever get able to sing I would be singing songs of euphoria, life in a metro n linking park…..

2)The second wish is very common which is every 2nd person has from his/her childhood. I would like to have superpower preferably power of flying. I don’t know whether its inborn feeling or the feel being borned n rose by the movie directors showing the excellent flying sequences. Other powers like super brain, power like flash( justice league) , mind reading( I believe it would be real fun), teleportation( yeah yeah…free world tour) and the list continues…

3)Now this the wish due to which I have written this blog. The third and the most secret one. I wish that my friend Rajat aka Homework got married to a beautiful girl (did I hear-‘hot chick’). “Arey no need to thanks HW…its ok buddy..aage sun”. and later on say 2-3 years later she get involved with me in an extra marital affair…”sorry dost, buts its true”

So these are my 3 wishes and I would be grateful to god if any of this get true (specially the third one[:)])