Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Me and Myself

ques.Why do you write blog.?
ans.I think I don’t do anything creative and writing blog gives me a feel of doing something creative, something of my owns. It’s the place where I can showcase my talent of viewing and observing the things differently.

ques.Why your blog is generally on the funnier side.?
ans.I think as the name of my blog suggests – hakuna matata meaning no tension. I believe we have enough reasons and issues around us to make us tense.. so I thought if I would be able to make someone laugh for once also ,then I will feel my blog is not futile. And to be very true this is the thing in which I am best.

que.People say you write arbit fart in your blog?
ans.Now that depends what you consider as fart. The life is full of fight for job, internships, grades, coreships, coordships, girdlfriends etc etc. I have seen people writing crap in their blogs. They write about their daily routine including toilet activities to sleeping tight. Now who on this godamn earth is interested in somebody else’s daily schedule. People write about the cold dark night, air, breeze etc. I feel all these very boring. I believe these feelings are best unexpressed.

ques.‘Paplu’ has been one of the major character in your blog. Will it continue?
ans.Yeah, offcourse. The Paplu has been the one of the greates character on this earth I have ever seen he never hide things. He wil speak out each and every thought going in his mind and will taje each and joke very lightly. So I believe until Paplu is going to be the same person , I will never stop writing.

ques.So in last, do you want to leave the blog on light note or something??
ans.Ok fine, I twll you the incident which happened to me once. I met a gal through some common friend. We chatted for sometime and later we started talking about blog. She asked me to read her blog which obviously the first thing I did next morning. Now in her blog, she described how he slapped a guy who was staring at her in IIT roorkee fest. At that very moment itself I closed the blog and learned my lesson.