Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Post Saarang Activities

1)Sumedh aka Paplu aka rapchandoos busy texting. Now everytime he sends a text he refer 3 dictionary + gre software + wikipedia etc etc to write a perfect message. Lets wait for the result.
2)Manish aka mallu is busying searching net for drums fundaes since her new gal’s father is a drum teacher and every time the talk comes to drums ultimately.
3)Rajat aka Homework is very very depressed. He is going through post traumatic disorder. In this disease person feel very sick about the place and want to break free and go some place where he will be surrounded by hot chicks forever n ever.
4)MMS and punchar have shut themselves in their rooms for the very obvious reason that their salsa pics are out now on lan.
5)Pattrow changed the status from committed to single on orkut.
6)Tattu – no comments!! [:)]