Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Summer 2008

It’s been a long time since I touched I had any kind of contact with my blog. I was too busy doing my intern round the clock. The work was about taking my sleeping habits to new dimension. The work was completed successfully and the certificate has been issued. Now I am the only ISO certified sleep trainer.
Apart from my intern this summer was full of excitements, new level of farts. I opted the intern at ‘TATA (LALA) projects limited’ in kota itself. Being in your hometown for such a long time with all your cousins around was a life time roller coaster ride. 3 months were like ‘whoof!!’ day used to begin with a carom game, then a 3 hour business game session, then comics, and rest of the time is taken up by cards. But the highlights were weirdest of the weirdest thoughts that keep coming up and then a long serious discussion on them. It’s really awesome to think about all such sessions. I wish those days never ended, I wish life is always like that, I wish those days come again…NO they come rite now, I wish that I keep wishing those days …..