Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Todays Newpaper

I just finished my todays dose of daily newspaper.And I want to tell you that I am a real fan of TOI. Just because of the fact that they know how to sell the things. Like for an instance today, there was one article with the headline ‘exposure will help Indians’ and the article was having an ad of Romanov in between with a pic of shilpa shetty. Now the first thing which come to my mind was obvious but later it turned out that article was related to Indian Olympic team with a exposure to new facilities and tournament. And its not over. There was 1 other pic with a caption ‘Duty on a damp day’ and in the pic , a policeman is standing rite next to a bus on which some condom add is there. Now they can easily have gone with some other pic but they know in India only 2 things sells- “SRK and Sex”. That’s why I love these guys and I love Neha dhupia too. [: P]