Tuesday, August 12, 2008

chennai as a metro

I spent some of my days in Mumbai this summer. I was really amazed by the speed of the life. The traffic, the buildings, fly-over, crowd , chics…..everything was awesome out there. Now I know why people say “Mumbai to Mumbai hai”. but as my roots are in chennai , the thought of this fucking sucking city comes to the mind anyways. So I was sitting idle and comparing Chennai and Mumbai and jotted down some points.
The topic of the report is – Chennai as Metro

•Last time I checked there were 2 malls in Chennai- spencers and city centre
•The latest car seen on road is indigo , I guess!!
•Latest clothing range – Nalli lungees which are matching with your wife sarees (jo biwi se kare pyar , who nail lungees se kaise kare inkaar!!)
•One - 30 storey building and two other 25 storey building are coming up for the first time in Chennai ( my final year project is this 30 storey wala building so u see it ultimately me only contributing in transforming chennai)

I really hate the Chennai and its culture. These people boasts of their cultures and ethics but when it come to their own society these are the most hypocrite people. I always had a firm belief that movies are the mirror of society and and the image I get from the tamil movies is crystal clear – exploting the heroines to core, The way their camera explores the female lead body is so shameful and I am not talking about the B grade industry but about the hardcore tollywood. These people really sucks man!! I hate this place. i even hate this name chennai. i liked madras though. and thats why its IIT madras not IIT chennai [:)]


Abhishek... inside out said...

thand rakho!
it's not long now before you get out of here. and make sure you do get out of here! :P

Anupam Chakilam said...

heh. some anguish. btw, tamil movie industry is not "tollywood". its called " kollywood". im guessing u meant both of em anyways.

pratikguptaiitm said...

@abhishek: thanks for reminding me :P
@anupam: oops! my mistake.

JUMPER said...

valid points...i share ur views on some..


chenaai- chhee+naayi