Tuesday, September 29, 2009

When Hari meet Silly

'First Love' – the name itself sounds so beautiful. They say, you never forget your first love. They say it’s one of the best feeling in your life.

I was not sure because I was 5 year old. I didn’t know much about the pehle pyar ka ahsaas but it was surely different.

1992- summer vacation

I went to Jaipur. My aunt was there. Now they introduced me to some of the mohalle wale bache to keep me busy from bugging them. There I saw her for the first time. I played with her, I talked with her, I ate with her and I knew there was some connection between us. I don’t know any time in my life when 4 days passed so instantaneously.

I went to the market and got a pair of earring for her. My first gift to anyone on this goddamn earth (I was an expert back thenJ). She gave me a pencil sharpener having a shape of dinosaur or cartoon something.I came back and I kept that sharpener in my showcase for 3 years and as time passes by memories fade away.

1999 – Brother marriage

It was one of the most anticipated marriage I attended in my life. I reached jaipur again and try looking out for her. 7 years do a lot to your look, your physique. Mine looks got deteriorated, 27ml oil in hair everyday ensured black shining chipke hue baal but height was the same. I didn’t know about her. I scanned all the people and I was having doubt on 2 girls but didn’t have the guts to ask.

Day1 passed - No result

Day 2 passed - ZUKK!!

It was final last day. Last 8 hours in jaipur. Luckily destiny played its role again. One of my cousin introduced her to me. I asked if she remember me and she said ‘yes’. (In my mind: do you take pratik….’Yes’!!).

It was a long night. We spend the whole night together talking about everything what a grade 7 student know. (Damn! I knew so much less that time). It was farewell time. We said goodbye to each other. exchanged Postal Addresses.

2000 – My birthday

I received a card. Card saying happy birthday by spray painting. One of the most beautiful gift I ever received. I decided to send a thanks card. I learned spray painting and returned the favor in the exact same way.

2007 – Summers

My Brother got transferred from Jaipur to Hyderabad. He came to kota and we met. He told me that she is in Hyderabad now. She has become air hostess now. I thought I am doing graduation from IIT as well. Not bad a pair. (Still the Height was same) I was looking for an excuse to talk to her somehow. Suddenly my brother cell phone ringed and it was her call. I grabbed the cell from him and this time we talked for 2 hours straight. She was steward in Hyderabad-Chennai flight. I was studying in IIT Chennai. We decided to meet sometime in Chennai.

I was damn sure that she was ‘The one’ for me. Destiny is playing its role. ‘Aur Pratik ne pyar ke sunahre sapne sanjoye’

But it was me. Everything going normal doesn't seems normal to me.

I lost my cell while coming back to Chennai, so the number.

That Hyderabad Chennai Flight never came to Chennai and the Dream meeting remained a dream.

1 year later( 2008)

My brother called me .

Bro - hey wassup?

me - nothing much. Same ol' life.

Bro - Let me add some spice to it.

Me - Sure. Shoot

Bro - You remember her?

Me - oh yeah...that one. I remember ( yes yes yes bro, i do remember)

Bro- so take a good news. She is getting married in2 months.

Me - Oh really!! good for her. ( crying, crying out loud......)

Bro (cunningly) - you dont sound happy.

Me - Its just that your spice was quite a lot spicy for me.

Last week (2009)

I again got the call from my Brother.

Bro - hey wassup?

me - nothing much. Same ol' life.

Bro - Let me add some spice to it.

Me - No, not this time. Last time it was too much for me.

Bro- okay, then a good news.

Me - Sure, that sounds cool.

Bro- you are uncle now. She gave birth to a girl last week.

Me - Oh really!! good for her ( &*^^&& )

Anyways this is the story of my 18 year long love story. and SO NOW I KNOW – ‘YES, YOU NEVER FORGET YOUR FIRST LOVE’

PS: God bless her!!


Indigo Lobster said...

LOL ... LOL ..

I just cant stop laughing. Ek mahine baad ek aur call aayega. Bhaiya bolenge ki usne Bachche ka naam bhi rakh liya ....

I wish she names him Pratik .... irony max ..

Pratik Gupta said...

@indigo: &^&*^&%&^%^%

Prakrati said...

ouch...i was expecting some other ending..anyway hard luck better one next time.!!

satyan said...

why the fuck , why the fuck

stop this

for the sake of others plz plz plz plz

Pratik Gupta said...

@prak: u shd have expected the end knowing me [:)]

@satyan: go to hell mofu, enjoy ur amsterdam and concentrate on ur studies. Dont waste time. God bles you too [:)]

The Flower Of English Grammar said...

watever indigo lobster said is perfectly true and it is gonna happen soon as thats the only thing happens at the end of any of your affairs... KATWA LENA!!! ek phone aur chahiye bas...
I have heard your true love lies with paplu and the rest of the SPARKS team... nothing else is gonna work out for u.. so cheer up n stop looking out for 18 yr love, or 7 yr love or 4 yr love or any other love that u hav in ur mind!!! GOD BLESS U TOO....

Pratik Gupta said...

@sumedh: True!! absolutely true!!

Abhishek said...

5 saal ki umar mein gift... it took me a while to even understand the concept of money. but i do feel sad for you.
As Raj Kapoor said in Mera Naam Joker...
"Is duniya mein samajhdar ki maut hai"

Ashtung said...

i second satyan's thoughts. Period.

Nipun said...

from a teacher to a padosan...
happens bhaiya..
But no need to worry..
We now have something else to cheer for.
Remember U amd her..

Pratik Gupta said...

@abhishek: but as raj kapoor said: the show must go on.

@ashtung: go to hell you too! catch ya this weekend thr only.

@nipun: Cheers!!

Ashtung said...

rename ur post 'when hari met silly'

Pratik Gupta said...

great idea!!

Abhishek said...

i bow to thee!

Pratik Gupta said...

@abhishek: con gracias repetidas

INFERNO said...

haanth to aaya par muh na laga!!!
Issi liye always keep a backup of your phone book.
Waise never mind kya pata ek titli gayi to compensation me badi titli mil jaye (like airtel advertisement) :)

Pratik Gupta said...

@inferno: Its always a bug after titli

Tangerine said...

oh no!!! What a tragic ending!

btw, you learnt spray painting for a gal... thats sweet :)

Pratik Gupta said...

@tangy: yes yes yes!! it was the the steepest learning curve of my life :)

Gunvant Jain (Stacy @ IIT-M) said...

dude i jus cant stop laughing !! thnx for such an awesome story !! had a gr8 refreshment !!
god bless u :P

Pratik Gupta said...

@stacy: yes i wish too that god bless me :)

Manu Dev Gupta / gilly@iitmadras said...

Ajab prem ki ghazab kahani.....

but..u could have looked out for that number again when ur cell got lost..isnt it?...i believe u could have shown a lot more craziness and madness if u really craved for Silly...
anyways, good luck Hari jee..

Pratik Gupta said...

Thanks bro!!

Ashwin said...

I don't exactly reacll how I ended up reading this blog, but I sure am glad I did!


Pratik Gupta said...

Thanks a lot ashwin :)