Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Society, World peace and The Absolute Truth

It has been a great weekend with a hell lot of good movies back to back. Started by the awesomest, must watch ‘District 9, followed by ok types ‘Ugly truth’, a decent but clichéd ‘The proposal’, a good hindi comedy after a long time ‘All the Best’ and repeat watch of the greatest script ever written ‘The man from earth’. But the one which was the topic of the weekend was Woody Allen’s ‘Whatever works’.

It was my first woody Allen movie and I am really cursing myself to miss all his work for such a long time. It’s going to be Woody Allen movie weekend in not so distant future. The thing which attracted me most was the way he describes the Society. he has this unique approach towards the norms of society which are imposed on us and we follow them like a pet animal without arguing about it. Whosoever do, we tag them as crazy and put them on bloody pills.

Me and my friend Mudit started discussion around 12 in the night continued till 4:30 in the morning. The discussion started with the theory that all the wars/uprising/revolution has occurred to attain equality. Two groups in society, one group harassing other and latter one revolting. Same old story. But the great thing is we are still nothing close to attain that. The imbalance is the inherit property of the nature and we should accept it.

The other thing was, there has been terrorism in all the centuries in one form or the other. Today it is terrorism, before that it was fascism, colonialism, crusade etc. The thing is whatever we do, this will not end. This is inherent nature of our species. If we curb terrorism, then something else will crop up. So don’t expect ‘World Peace’. Just pass your lifetime and enjoy the life while you can.

Now coming back to society. I believe society is the greatest conspiracy of the world. I read one article in which it was mentioned that etiquettes was imposed by the ‘higher class’ people to distinguish from the society. It started at that time and by now we all accept that fact that it is civilized to eat using fork. Just be logical for a sec and think, how can you judge a people with the thing whether he eats by fork or hand. It is goddamn food meant to be eaten.

The roots of this conspiracy are so deep that we don’t even feel rational to question them. Let me give you one more example.My friend was playing a guitar and suddenly he stopped playing and told me it was a wrong note. I thought on this issue and realized that how it would have occurred. Sometime back in 1200 AD, 10 people met. 1 played some music which he likes. The rest 9 of them disliked it. They tagged it as wrong note and it continued century to century because some bunch of morons who were in majority decided so. How the fuck can you judge the music. It’s all based on perspective. I believe all the rules, regulation and notions are the opinion of the people who were in majority at certain time when these were originated. But decision of majority doesn’t make the opinion of minority wrong. One thing which always amazes me is that we create so much hype on human murder but none of them says anything against murder of chicken. Who are we to decide that human life is more valuable than the chicken’s life.

Then we came on the final part of our discussion. THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH.

In our life everything is relative. Let it be happiness, pain, hunger, thirst. I mean everything ranging from your feel to wealth, love to education, success to failure. Nothing is absolute. Now if you notice there is only thing which is absolute that “NOTHING IS ABSOLUTE”. Is this the truth what we search throughout our life.

We felt so enlightened that night.


Nipun said...

'Nothing is absolute'
Let dis prevail bhaiya...
fuck society.
Live by own rules..
Gr8 wrk once again.

priyanka said...

thoughtful n newfangled post...
gudwork dude

Pratik Gupta said...

Thanks nipun :)
anyways a brotherly tip: you don fuck society, it fucks you

Tangerine said...

'Nothing is absolute'... I am totally with you on it!

Nipun said...

why get fucked den??

Pratik Gupta said...

@Tangy: so is this the absolute truth?? [:)]

@nipun: you will see it once you are out of ur grad school

Ashtung said...

I agree with the absence of absolute but there are certain ideas i beg to differ upon. The biggest disagreement would be on music. The defined notes are something like numbers for the experts. 7 has to come between 6 and 8. If u put it anywhere else, you complicate a system which is meant to make things simpler, just like every word in a script has a unique spelling and pronounciation. Hope you get the point.

But most importantly, I'd like to point out that it's never the majority which decides but the elite minority and to me, they have been more right than wrong. Otherwise, mankind wouldn't have survived this long.

PS: chicken v/s human life??? u gotta be kidding here man.

Phunk... said...

good work .... seriously this fuckin society is so fuckin that this f*** word seems to be obselete

Ashwin said...

It is extremely difficult for me to write anything about 'society', without using a swear-word along with it; but I’ll try anyway!

Most of us, no matter how much we disagree, are still slaves to what the society dictates, and are so worried about what society thinks of us, and what we do. To sum it up in a very few words, I can quote Schopenhauer - "A man can do as he will, but not will as he will”.

It apparently was an inspiration to Einstein. Well, that thought is comforting, isn’t it? It kind of explains why people act the way they do!

rd said...

nice post after a looong time. Feeling enlightened :)

Pratik Gupta said...

@phunk: hey Di, thanks for your comment but phunk...seriously???

@ashwin:Great great quote -"A man can do as he will, but not will as he will”. i think it explains everything i want to say in a nutshell.

@RD: Thanks for the apreciation by the Supera blog analyst. it matters a lot to me (Fuck you!)

Pratik Gupta said...

@ashtung:"Otherwise, mankind wouldn't have survived this long." dude I suppose you know the crap that we take evolution as 24 hr clock then we are 23:55. So do you really think that mankind is supposed to survive for ever? The thing about 7 coming between 6 and 8 is right but you can’t say that 7.00001 is wrong. It may be insignificant for us but holds value when it is $7.00001 billion. Similarly for the music. It may be a harsh sound but may be music for someone. So coming back to the basic point. Why do we need to define every goddamn thing on earth? why we have to make rules for each and every process so a dumb human species follow it sequentially. We have brains to figure out the things. We don’t need no rules.

PS: yeah chicken thing was just 'in the moment' kind of thing: P

INFERNO said...

Nothing is absolute is a very well point bought out. building upon this I would say that it is only about the majority rather it is the opinion of the powerful which has essentially set the actions as write or wrong. In cases it can be the majority which is powerful(as in parliaments passing the laws in modern times) in other cases it might me a king (as in Pope in early days defining whom to regard a heretic) or in some other cases it might be a scripture which is powerful hence sets the norm. (case of Quran and to some extend Vedas).So if we some how push something powerfully it will become a norm.

By the way whenever you are having such a discussion please do call me too, I too love criticizing everything that exists :)

Ashtung said...

7.00000000000000001 in itself isn't wrong. But if u r writing 5,6,7,7.000001, it's wrong. U have to understand the structure to know what's outside of it. No note is wrong, it's just a case of wrong time, wrong place and wrong sequence.

I'll present my views on the other arguments in my own blog sometime.

Abhishek said...

1. These discussion lead to highly unguaranteeing conclusions. But, they're still fun.

2. The statement that nothing is the absolute truth needs to be relative itself; it can't be paradoxical, no theory should be. I call it perception.

3. Ashtung: "If u put it anywhere else, you complicate a system which is meant to make things simpler..."
I believe out system is complex, and that simplifying would screw it, even if making it better in the longer run, if so.

4. Pratik Gupta: "Why do we need to define every goddamn thing on earth?"
I've been reading a little Nietzsche lately, and in a manner, he has answered your question. I'll put it up soon.

5. I suggest you don't watch Woody Allen movies back to back. It gives lesser time for thought, which must go in to a one of these. Do watch Annie Hall.

Pratik Gupta said...

@inferno: great point man! absolutely right about the powerful concept. Next time you are getting a call for sure [:)]

@ashtung: i will wait for your blog dude

@abhishek: Thanks for comenting and liking the post.
1) "The statement that nothing is the absolute truth needs to be relative itself; it can't be paradoxical, no theory should be. I call it perception" but mu idea about the absolute truth (not this creepy one, but the real solid one) is that whatever it is, it will not be relative.

2) i will try to read some of Nietzsche. thanks for the suggestion

3) Point taken: woody Allen movie, 1 - by - 1

Indigo Lobster said...

@ Pratik

I have tagged you on my latest post (Indelible Moments). Hoping to see an earnest response from your side. You can view my post on

JUMPER said...
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JUMPER said...

i agree... The human species is so fucked up... greed, violence, 'dhokebaazi', etc are all built into our DNA.