Friday, November 6, 2009

Master, Idiot and a friend

Today was the day when the long lasting wait of 11 years comes to end. The day which will be marked in history, in memories and in cricket books forever. The man has showed his metal again. Proved again why he is a genius. The master was always there but today it was blaster yet over again. You can feel from the moment he threw the ball on ground in disgust after taking a superb catch off the last ball. The fire was there. Determination oozing from the body language.

The target was never supposed to be achieved but it was a matter of good fight for all the world except one. He who was sure that nothing is impossible. Rest of the team was trying to be a part of a lost battle but a single soldier lead the whole battle alone. He used all his experience. Gave strike to sehwag, took control after he departs, torn away the debutants, conserved his energy for a while foreseeing the fierce last round. Everything was way too perfect, completely planned. The sprain was not there, the straight lofty shots over the bowlers head were back and even a pull displayed a long forgotten weapon.

But no matter how much you plan or get determined, the body asks for his debt. But today there was nothing which could come in between him and his target. The army was strong on papers but the target to conquer defeated them without even trying. The master then used the new soldiers who were unaware of the fear, who was there happy on the chance of being on the other end of the master. But sight of a single man fighting alone, gave the strength to them which they never would have imagined.

Pointing was helpless, hauritz was torn apart and Watson was ineffective. The victory was near but a desperate attempt to reach it faster took it all away. The rest was just a trump of cards running wildly on the field in the hope of win. But ozzies was cautious and they made no mistake. Still the master has taken the pride of victory from them. The game will be remembered for just one person and his brilliant efforts.

In our society we used to play cricket like everyone. We used to keep a brick as the bowling end stumps and the probability of hitting it was like 1/Avogadro number. Consequently, we used run to the middle of the pitch each time the ball connected the bat and still managed to return safely. Especially if the other team consists of players like Lala, Munna, Raju and Kallu. May be its time for Jadeja to realize that international cricket has nothing similar to galli cricket. There are 3 stumps (covering a total area of 0.1 sqaure metres) at the bowling end to aim at while the opposition has players like Ponting whose probability of missing the stumps is as much as the probability of seeing Halley's comet. Stop running around you fucking idiot.

It was all the fucking nostalgic feeling all over again today. 1 more great friend left the place for a better future. I never thought after coming out of IIT. I could meet a person with such a same frequency but I was way too wrong. It all started with the little break session, followed by combined studies and then reached to 24*7 fart level. Mudit was the finance god as it was told me but he was much more than that. The greatest taste of music I ever seen in a person, a friend, a mentor, a philosopher (yeh to LOL ho gaya). Okay to be very true, he was one more guy in my life with whom I have evolved in life. I realized so many things about people, about world and about myself. Life in Chennai was so much fun with him and it will not be same now. It so fucking awful when you are not the person leaving the place. But nothing can fade away the memories of the night we ‘Stripped’ [not literally, its just the tag given to the night of self exploration). "ek baar 3 log bike par ja rahe the"....... i promise they will go again some day

All the best dude!! Keep rocking the world!!

PS: LCP rocks [:D]


The Flower of English Grammer said...

hats off dude!!! wonderful blog... I must mention here that sachin took 79 ODIs to reach his 1st century... from what I feel, u have reached the same level:P & I guess u ll be da master in the same field after 20 yrs as well...


Nipun said...

an awesome bhaiya!!
i guess sachin is next 2 GOD in Cricket..
a true tribute 2 him.
For the master-Long live..
For the Idiot- RIP
For the friend-Lolzzz..
And last but not the least
For the author- Kudos..

Ashwin said...

Somebody, please forward this to Jadeja! :)

Tangerine said...

Sachin is the best. Enough said!! :)

INFERNO said...

great blog dude!! The god deserved the offering of win but the lower ordered batsmen denied everything that he fought for, in that marathon 3 hour long inning.
Jadeja, Nehra and Harbhajan certainly deserve a crucification for their blasphemous acts

Abhishek said...

I still remember the match from the '96 World Cup where India were 99 when Sachin got out as the second wicket and they were 128 for 8 in no time. I don't know what they'll do when the man retires!

Pratik Gupta said...

@sumedh: love you as always!! [:P]

@nipun: not next to gos but he is GOD!!

@Ashwin: i am also searching for his id

@tangerine: yo!!

@inferno: yeah absolutely true...but we got what we wanted :)

@abhishek: they will crumble again but i am sure they will rise again sometime in 2050 along with harmen baweja :P