Tuesday, February 9, 2010


On a sweaty, boring Chennai Sunday Mr p talks to Mr P

p: Dude we know so much about cricket!

P: Yeah we are so cool.

p:We also have a Terabytes of statistics stored in us!

P: Yeah we are so cool

p: Dude, I saw a dream last night where I saw god giving us instruction to free this planet from the brutalities of Stuart broad

P: Yeah God is so cool

p: and he also told me that in the Kaliyuga – internet will be the most dangerous weapon. So he advised us to open a blog and use it as brahmastra over all the Stuart Broads, Rameez Razas, Arun lals and Paul harris-ss.

P: Yeah , Brahmastra is so cool.

p: so lets open a blog….watsay?

P: Yeah Blog is so cool.

Who knew that this great conversation will change the course of history in the coming time and will be the reason for new cricket blog - http://cricket-without-balls.blogspot.com/

So friends the p and P is none other then me and my room mate and we request you to have a look at this blog completely dedicated to cricket. To give you a brief idea about blog:

“We are bunch of cricket maniacs, more of a two-some pair, born and brought up by cricket fanatics and befriended by cricket maniacs throughout life and belong to a country which has donated precious talents like Venkatpaty Raju, Ashish Nehra, Nayan Mongia and Ajit Agarkar to the gentleman’s game.

We talk about Sex (Yes.. we do talk about it), Fashion (rather... Whatever MS Dhoni thinks is fashion), Drugs (err …. Performance Enhancing Aids) and Entertainment: by entertainment we mean – the batting abilities of the Indian lower order batsmen, the acting abilities of Harman Baweja and the PCB. We worship Sachin. Despite that our blog will be clearly biased towards Shahid Afridi, Paul Lee Harris and Ashish Nehra. We love to discuss Avataar, Rameez Raja and Lalit Modi too; given the constraints that Laxman Sivaramakrishnan and Shilpa Shetty leave enough room for them.

We love numbers especially those that represent Chris Martin’s batting record or Navjot Singh Sidhu’s fielding records. So, do not be surprised if our statistics defy every rule that Euclid or Pythagoras created.

Caution (!!!) –
The only secrets that we reveal are ‘Victoria’s Secrets’ and all predictions that we make have already been made by Baba Ram Charan Bhojpuri in the Dwapar yuga.

We don’t believe in copyright, which should be evident from the fact that we have shamelessly ripped off the name of the blog from here.

We are ardent believers in the power of ‘Open Source Revolution’ (even though till yesterday we assumed that Ubuntu was the name of Nina Mercedes’ pet penguin) and we invite entries from anyone out there who wants to be another Sreesanth with the desire to display his booty-writing-skills.
Just reach us at cricketwithoutballs@gmail.com.

Only condition: Nothing against Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar and Kamran Akmal.”


Nipun said...

Looking nice..
Kya baat h..:)
Cricket without balls...hehehe..
Sahi ja rahe ho bhaiya.
I have regained my top position ..
A good initiative being taken by u and ur roomie.
Knowledge about sex and drugs is being overflowed from everywhere. Let me see what cricketing skils do i have..



Pratik Gupta said...

@Nipun: Thanks for the comment but ti didnt get one thing ' I have regained my top position ..'....Explain??

Nipun said...

are comment dene mein top position bhaiya...:)
kya yaar bhool gae..

Pratik Gupta said...

Sorry babe! This has always been your forte :)

Konark said...

Am a big fan of Ramiz n LSRK , without them cricket is life Laughter challenge without Sidhu.....Itne bade laude hai naa ,maa kasam.....

Chanz said...

u have been tagged... check ma blog


Kathryn said...

Very intellectual conversation you two had!

Or should I say "very cool".

Off to check out new site...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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