Tuesday, April 20, 2010

On Love and Relationship - 3

It’s been quite an on and off time for me in relation to my blog. I am stuck with a lot of things in life and nothing seems to be working out. So, I was trying hard to figure them out but, as usual, at the end of the day, you leave the things the way they are and you try to divert your attention. So here I am back to my old love.

Following the original series, I am back with the third edition.

We always believe that Love is true. Love is pure. Destiny. Soul mates. Etc etc.

I say it’s all crap. It’s a game and a purely biased game. Biased in terms that it is always controlled by one person. And, my dear friend, let me tell you - it’s not you, it’s her. You don’t believe me. Okay. Let me give you some examples.

You have been doing a lot of things very silently for her. You never receive thanks and you are always taken for granted for your efforts. So one day you decide that’s its high time and you need to make her realize that you don’t do all these things for general people. She needs to know that it’s because she is special therefore you are doing all these things. You prepare a long dialogue sequence. You rehearse it again and again in your mind. You even dream that once you have told this to her, she will come running towards you, tear away your clothes and you will have a wild sex on the floor. But the reality is a little different.

One day, you get hold of her. You start behaving differently as per plan and when she asks what’s bothering you, you let it all out. You speak for fucking 10 minutess, very passionately. You have excelled what you have imagined. If this was a movie scene, then the Oscar was waiting for you my friend. But the result?

She says one line – “I was having very high fever and you are behaving like this with me”.

Now what? This is a super bomb. You cannot argue on this. You cannot defend yourself. So, finally after 3 mins, you end up saying sorry to her, repeatedly.

If you are still not convinced, let me give you this other example.

You have been dating a girl for long. You spend a lot of time together. You talk like you are in a relationship with her. But she never accepts it. Now this is really frustrating. You have been trying to clear this thing for a long time. And one day, somehow you get this amazing strength and you confront her. You keep telling her that it’s the time when she needs to decide and put a tag on the thing which is going on between the two of you. While speaking you really feel amazed by your confidence and feel great that finally you were able to do this. But, but, but…

“You are also talking like this. Everybody talks so rudely to me. Even my canteen wale uncle was also rude to me” , she replies.

You say to yourself –“Canteen wale uncle! What does he have to do with this? “

But this time you are committed not to make the mistakes you made last time. You keep on defending so that she is unable to escape each time like this. She does not reply anything. You feel like winning. And this is when the Nuclear Bomb was waiting for you.

She starts crying.

Result – You end up saying sorry and promising that this topic will never be re surfaced. Not only you have been defeated this time, but you have been lawyered for eternity.

So My dear Male Friends, What you believe, What you think – It does not matter. She is a god and you can’t defeat her. The sooner you accept the fact, the better.

[Based on a series of discussions with Paplu and Flick.]


The Flower Of English Grammar said...

Who the hell is Flick, you bitch? You betrayed Paplu!!! You are having an outside affair... You and Paplu are breaking up... Now get up and write "On Love and Relationship - Final" ... and the topic is going to be your dear Paplu... :P

Chanz said...

Lol... thats true.. when a girl starts crying, there is no way u can ever win the battle...

i'll give u a tip.. u too start crying.. girls have a soft heart, they cannot see guys crying in front of them (though deep inside they will be thanking god for the mission successfully achieved).. :D

Ashtung said...

output is acceptable... but the source????????? have my doubts there...

Pratik Gupta said...

@Flower: Nothing in the world can between me and paplu..Its just a random fiction my friend :)

@Chanz: Oh That is tough. Are yu sure about your advice because it will take a lot to do this :)

@Ashtung: Source is as usual heard somewhere , written here :)

mitasha said...

what crap! :)

u should also make sure u deliver the speech when she doesnt hv fever, is nt pmsing, is nt missing you, is nt putting other guys on hold fr you...and is being a bitch fr no apparent reason! :p

otherwise you're doomed my frnd! :)

saurabh said...

macha totally copied from recent chick flick i watched.. stop copying dude.. its the waste of your talent :P
its the fucking waste of time.. i cant believe i spared my precious 5 minutes to read this blog and commenting on it too..

Nipun said...

Cool series going on bhaiya..
Experience speaks a lot..:)
Try showing some attitude tothe girl and see hw it turns the other way round..:P

Tried n tested..:)



p.s. Kabhi humare blog pe bhi darshan de dia kro..

Manoj Bharadwaj said...


Ashwin said...

Ha ha! It is so true, isn't it?! I guess there wouldn't be many guys out there who haven't been in such situations earlier!

And please, don't ever try the crying act in front of a chick - you'll be termed as a wimp, and be a looser for life!

PS: You probably should try your luck in psychology! You'll go places!

More PS: The best thing to do when in these situations is to role play! Act like the bitch for a while, and she'd soon realise what she has been!

And the final PS: I hope the bitch doesn't read this! :)

Indigo Lobster said...

can't agree with you more !

Flick ! If its a figment of imagination, you could have atleast of a better name ...Flick sounds like a cricket shot !!

Pratik Gupta said...

@Mitasha: Oh the first Comment and I Just love the way you have put things so plainly. :)

@Saurabh: You are watching chick flick. You are declaring it publicly.After that you say that its been a waste of 5 mins. Pity, My friend. :)

Pratik Gupta said...

@Nipun: Hmmm...Let me try this way now. I will let you know the result.
( I hope you know its a fiction)...Anyways looking for a similar series from you with you being an expert now in the field :)

@Manoj: :)

Pratik Gupta said...

@Ashwin: Thanks for the comment.
PS: yea yea...couple of months in Job and I will need a psychiatrist.
PPS: Bitch is what they are, we like to play Dawg. :)
PPPS: Oh. She read it, Edited it and commented personally. :P
BTW she is an friend now.Or as she says :D

@Pattrow: Oh its Nice. First Mitasha. Then you. Its getting interesting.
@Mits: Do you want to say something more dear?

Someone said...

Appreciate your assertiveness.


God made HE to rule the world. God made SHE to rule HE. Accept it.

One more thing, even God is victim of the above fact.

..and it's for good..

sandeep said...

totally correct. !! i have experience!!

saurabh said...

@pratik : dude my fellow iitians are into chick flicks who download these movies.. totally not my fault.. nuthing better to watch on lan..

mitasha said...

no honey! we all know who the master is! :)

so if u guys wanna write a few blogs to come together or down a few glasses of scotch to celebrate your single status/freedom, we all know who's the boss! some women flaunt that they rule..some pretend that they are ruled! in the end, as your article makes it amply clear:

boyfrnd: 0
girlfrnd's tears: 100


Nipun said...

Born Prodigy..:)

Will surely write sumthin on this..
Wrote sumthin on our God..
Have a look..

Lincoln said...

sadly thats the story of a "normal indian male" :P

Pratik Gupta said...

@Someone: Bhagwan ke angle pe thoda aur roshni daalenge Janaab.... :)

@Changu : Your life has been living proof for this..... :P

Pratik Gupta said...

@jadoo : I repeat. Chick Flick - if you watch, Close the doors, put on your headphone and watch. Dont tell the world.

@Mitasha : calling you to get more details :)

Pratik Gupta said...

@Nipun: Sprry dude, Still have to visit your blog and pay tribute.

@Lincoln: Its a story beyond regions, cast, language...Its a universal truth my friend :)

Manish said...

Nice one man!!!!!!

Pratik Gupta said...

Thanks Mayte!! :)