Friday, January 6, 2012

Who am I ?

Sometime back one of my friend asked me to define myself and I said that I had no idea who I am. The past few months have made me realized who I am.


I have been a North Indian, born and brought up there but I have spent the prime of my life in South India. I equally love and hate both the parts of country. I like the springs in north and falls in south. I would prefer both Vada and Parantha equally as my choice for Breakfast. I love the serene calmness of the south as well as guzzling roads of North. I have the northern accent in the swear words I use and I also finish my sentence with ‘uh’ I equally hate the cultural hypocrisy of south and sleaziness of the north. I am in love with the intellectuality of the southerners’ and charm of the northerners’. I love the smells of gajras as much I like the smell of Itra. I like the woman dressed in Saris as well as in the Skirts. I found the thick southern English accent as funny as the Hariyanvi Hindi accent. I like the dusky shade of the skin as much as I like the bright fair tone of the skin.

I am not sure who I am.

I am not sure if I have lost my identity.

Or have I created one for me?


Ashtung said...

uve pretty much summed up the confusion faced by all the north Indian IITM engineers who are now based in south

susie said...

U probably now know yourself a little better than what you knew :)

Pratik Gupta said...

@ashutng: What about the buggers leaving south for the north?? :)

Pratik Gupta said...

@Susie: I surely do. But noy sure if I am still out of that confused zone. :)
Thanks a lot for the comment.