Saturday, July 18, 2009

love at the time of Recession

It was supposed to be a yet another regular journey from kota to new delhi. Me and my friend ‘joshi’ boarded on train around 11:50 PM. We had side upper and side lower seats at our disposal. Everything was pretty much regular, joshi was putting fight to make space for luggage and I was putting ladki pataoing fundae to my Ujjain friend.

It’s been 4 years that I have been living in Chennai and trust me, 4 years at such a place is quite sufficient to make you turn on even with the glimpse of fairer sex. I repeat 'FAIR'er. Things stop mattering for you much. You switch from the physical beauty to ‘ dil ki sundarta’. 'Adjustment' or 'compromise' is the word you are very comfortable with. High pitch voice is one of the best sound that ear awaits to hear. (That rhymes actually!!). In short - anything ‘fair, non male’ is all we need.

Anyways the real incident is like this. I was talking on phone and suddenly I saw a fairer sex and that too completely female with the proper vital stats enter into our coach. Now after seeing the description of my position , you can imagine the level of turn on I had. ( I mean not literally imagine).

Then something happened. Something which make me realized that why people say this period as recession. How desperate people are for jobs.

I saw the tag of Evalueserve on the bag. That’s something which made me forget all my desperation and bring the real job hunting Indian out in the front. My mind suddenly starts functioning again. It was imagining something minutes before and now it started plotting. Ideas started pouring how the contacts for the company can be obtained.

I used all my usual tactics of chup chup ke dekhna, dheere se muskrana and all but nothing seems to work. Finally I took the decisive step to go and talk to her directly.

But I forget the role of joshi. This fucker was the reason to give me strength to do something which I havent done in last 3 years.

It was tough. It was really tough.

I practiced all my dialogues in mind. I divided the whole conversation in various cases and prepared answer for every situation. I was determined to succeed. With all the motivation from joshi , I decided to make my final move. I start walking towards her.

She was lying on the lower birth. She was also looking bored which was a good sign for me as in that case conversation can be attempted from both sides.

Me – ‘Hello’

Hi !!

Aah….., actually I wanted to ask you something

Hmmm..okay…(thank god, she realized that I cant do much of an attack with a question)

Are you working in evalueserve??

No actually I don’t (damn it!! Then why are you caring this fucking bag with Evalueserve tag on it)

Oh okay…actually I was looking for apply in the firm….( no I am not jobless, just looking for better opportunities)


I mean its ok…( I still had the hopes that now since the job thing hasn’t worked out I still have the fairer sex thing to work.)

Gal- “ okay then bbye!

( wtf? I was preparing to make my next move. Bbye was not the option in my cases considered)

Yeah thanks, bbye!!

I turned back just to realize the real reason for motivation from joshi. A cunning smile on his face says it all. I was sure that this incident is not going to end here. It will be spread everywhere now.

Later on, I saw her bf appearing from nowhere and I convinced myself that committed gals are not for me and slept again.


The Flower of English Grammer said...

Dudewa, aap katwa ke loge!!! aur kuch nahi hai aap ke life mein... enjoy..
waise its a lovely post.... worth reading!!

Pratik Gupta said...

:)every dog has its day bro...mine will come soon

vaibhav said...

I don't know how i landed on this page. Very nice post.
i too have been at vellore for 4 dead years
i can undersand all that

Pratik Gupta said...

hahahah...welcome to our club!

Abhishek said...

aah! travelling with beautiful girls who have their boyfriends accompanying them on a long journey... brings back memories of distant past.

Nipun said...

sum day u will b a dude 4 sure..

Pratik Gupta said...

@abhishek: jeena isi ka naam hai
@nipun: i am a dude...its just that timing gets wrong everytime [:)]

Divya Jay said...

he he... Hope u meet the girl (minus her bf)next time!...

Pratik Gupta said...

@divya: naah once gone is time next one...and hopefully better.