Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Rajasthan, is known for its palaces, kings, royal families, fort etc etc…but believe me the best thing of this place is the people. The people, who drive auto, sell kachodi, own shop and roam around here and there.

I landed on the kota Jn. platform around 2.30 am. The most pleasant thing was auto wala demanded 100 bucks, I said 80….he said ok…total discussion time 20 sec…compared to Chennai where it was minimum 20 mins.

I wanted to give him 10 more bucks for the pleasant smile during all the conversation but I saved it for the morning breakfast. (Typical baniya..u see).

So moving ahead, auto started with the starting pace of 70kmph accompanied by the super ‘altaf raja’ songs at full volume. Mind you it was 3 am and I started getting the feel of good ol’ Kota days.

The next 3 days I covered the entire essential spots- talwandi chourahe ki kachodi + poha, prakash ke sandwich, noble hair dresser ka hair cut, jodhpur ki pyaz ki kachodi, dhabe ka khana and kulfi faluda.

Why it’s that everything of your native place attracts you? Whether it be the deafening loud music of auto walas, crowd of thousands students roaming around or the tempo walas leaving the smoke capable of killing you in 5 mins direct on your face. You just don’t object them and even you start liking them after some years.

But in Chennai, I even hate people following traffic lights. You have all the freedom to break traffic lights in Rajasthan.



Abhishek said...

kesariya baalam, o!

Pratik Gupta said...

hahahha....i shd add it!!

Nipun said...

Gr8 stuff 2 attract tourists..

Pratik Gupta said...

i will be glad if this works

Divya Jay said...

u shud try becoming a guide ;)... i am sure u wud do excellently well... loved the way u described it all :)... hope even i get to make it to this place sometime :) great going!

Pratik Gupta said...

@divya:hahaha...thats a lot too much...anywys thx!!