Monday, November 16, 2009


For the past few weeks life has been so damn busy that only thing for which I try to sneak free time is reading articles on Sachin. It has been my only entertainment source and specially completing 20th year and all the media limelight and tones of articles is taking up all the time. Personally, the record of 2 decade doesn’t excite me because I have been cheering all through his career and I don’t need a day when I should stop and look back at all the great moments. The time to retrospect is still not here and I don’t want to feel that way now for sure.

The only thing that forced me to write today is a comment from Imran Khan. In his own words- “If there is one area in which Sachin is ahead of his contemporaries, it is focus. Inzamam-ul Haqwas possibly even more gifted, but Sachin was more successful due to his commitment and focus”

Dude… are you serious ? Only ‘focus’ ? ? That’s all he has ? ? Or it is the only English word you know?

And who is this Inzy??

The same guy who is famous for getting himself out in the most bizarre fashion possible. I guess I remember him falling on to his own wicket after an attempted sweep shot. Yeah, now I remember. He is that same fellow who starts every prize presentation ceremony with "Bismillah(In the name of Allah)” followed by a rape session of the English language along with “ladke acha khele” & “allah ka shukra hai”

I so badly want to rape this moron named Imran khan, always living in a self created illusion that Inzy is the best and that he was the one to identify him. I agree he is good, probably best in the last decade of Pakistani cricket. But for being great- you need much more than focus. You should be able to balance yourself atleast, that is for sure. If you don’t want to join the party, sit back and watch a hugh grant movie. Dont start blabbering around.Rameez is perfectly doing this job on your behalf. I am sure, it must be a dream job for him. Saying anything and getting paid.

There is so much more to write but deadlines, CFA & CAT…..whoof!!

I should get back to work.


Nipun said...

Fuck u Imran...
Long Live Sachin.......

Anonymous said...

Aaloo and Focus :)

For a stat, aaloo was run out for max no of times in his career

Abhishek said...

I don't know if you've read this or not, but in case you haven't, read:

Pratik Gupta said...

@Nipun: its not about fucking...its all about talking sense.

@JD: yeah yeah, who else can beat that

@abhishek: Dude the last few numbers of link is not able to come up on screen. Can u send me across gtalk

INFERNO said...

People do bring in nationalism, regionalism, communism etc in every facets, particularly when india and pakistan are involved, nationalism heightens further.
This is a clear case of that as well. Just because Imran belonged to pakistan, he cannot make any statement which appreciate anything indian, so he attaches a rider to it by the name of inzi bhai!!
Even though he might not have meant to make a comparison (you can't compare god and humans) but he did so that local media and maybe armed nationalist do not tear him apart!

Divya Jay said...

guess Imran should stop making such comments about Indian players... Hail Sachin... may he have many more such victories!

Manoj Bharadwaj said...

The comment obviously says more about Imran rather than Sachin :) Keeping my doubts about his english, love for Inzy etc. aside, I think one truly appreciates the greatness of Sachin when one is truly humbled by his greatness and becomes speechless. What he managed to achieve- from the grit in front of Pakistanis in his debut to the 175 in Hyd (by the way, Indian team does not deserve this man!)- is stretching greatness to its limits. Something like what Federer managed to achieve in Tennis. I will not even attempt to comment on Sachin because nothing is enough and nothing seems right enough. The only man who can write well about Sachin, Nirmal Shekhar in Hindu, hasn't yet written one. Though I am keenly waiting for Nirmal to give words to my awe, I have a feeling he wont write one. Perhaps, he too is in awe.

By the way, Sachin is a far better cricketer, far talented cricketer, and far better a person than Inzy. So, ya, fuck you Imran.

Pratik Gupta said...

@Inferno: Thats my point. If your Media doesn't allow or your conscience come in between then don't say anything. Keep your mouth shut Imran bhai!

@Divya: Hail sachin!!

@Manoj: True, very true.but i think the only person who can write about sachin is sachin himself and i am desperately waiting for his autobiography :)

Nipun said...

sachin ke aane ke baad imraan ki aisi ki taisi..
sense is aftr all d most uncommon thing bhaiya!!

Ashtung said...

I'm gonna stick my neck out and say, "I disagree". He said 'possibly' which puts him in a grey area and as a cricketer, he should get the benifit of doubt. Inzy was undeniably talented and getting out in bizarre fashions is more of bad luck than a reflection on his ability. His run-outs and temprament denied him greatness, which are, indeed, off-shoots of focus.

Just take a minute here an reflect; if Imran Khan is being patriotic, then are we not too? Nobody outside
India will draw out daggers on a "possibly" comment.

I myself don't think he's the most talented player in the world. It's the other qualities like passion, focus and love for the game that place him a few notches above his contemporaries.

On another note, the articles flying around, where every cricket expert tries to identify one particular quality which makes him great are amusing. It's a mix of those qualities, not one alone as in so many of these depts, you will find others who if not equal, are not far behind him. For instance, Kumble and Dravid are about as focussed and passionate as him but while Kumble was not as talented, Dravid was too methodical to last as long as Sachin in one-dayers.

Sorcerer said...

only cricket that entertain 20 20 with all hot chicks

but Sachin...err..hmm...errr...hmm?