Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Changing Time

I was a firm believer of god. Then I lost my faith and with due time I regained it but in quite different form. I don’t go to temple, I don’t pray but I trust God. I started accepting what all happens in my life without any fight or reasoning. I trusted that whatever happens, happens for the best. May be it’s just another compromise with life and I am naming it as faith.

So whatever it is, lately I am started having all the doubts again. I have started reasoning the purpose behind every event. Life is so peaceful when you believe someone controlling your life for good. But it becomes really complex when it goes other way round. So I guess this part is going to be there in my life for sometime now.

I had my convocation done this Friday. I am officially a B.Tech engineer from IIT Madras. But this event made me realize one thing.

Till now I was telling myself that things will be more or less same. All of my friends will be nearby and we will be in constant touch. But convo made me realize that life will take a different course now. I don’t know whether it will be good or it will be bad, but it will be different for sure. Anshul is in Mumbai, Sajal’s location is still unidentified, ravi is in Bang, sumedh is between IIT and Banglore, Satyan took the fight to Amsterdam, Ashutosh joined the family business and Phani will be in 4 continents in next 2 years.

I guess this transition is getting into my head. I need some more time to figure out what I want in my life. Till then 'Beroe-zgaar' it is.

PS: Beroe is the name of my company i am working.


INFERNO said...

I like the term u innovated, its just that you should be beware as there is plenty of "googling" done which can lead to your blog :)

Pratik Gupta said...

@ inferno: i smell the fragrance os personal experience from ur comment [:)]

Ashtung said...

moving on is the name of the game...
'Lite Le'

Divya Jay said...

you have a very nice way of expressing urself... keeping in touch with frds after college might sound real difficult but then when the will is there, the ways will surely be discovered... what say? :)