Friday, August 21, 2009

To where I Belong

I belong to a culture where Hostel spirit was everything. People were ready to die and kill for it. It was the pride, it was the reason and it was everything we had back in those days.

Still it’s the same in the jobs except hostels has been replaced by departments or IIT-M/D/B.

To be very true I never understood the concept of groups. During my school days we used to have section wise groups. Then there was internal division in the class which was based on the row u were sitting. Outside the school it was all about DAV/Modern/Modi…etc

In my colony there is a park and division was based on the side of park u live. Then it was inter-colony distribution. If that was not enough, there was inter-municipal ward rivalry thing.

In my college as I have already told it was hostel-branch-IIT madras thing.

In life it’s about north India- State-city wise distribution.

We distinguish on the basis of caste-region-language-complexion-religion and I think the next level will be the dick size.

Seriously just think about it. Then will be the days when blacks will rule. The long oppressed group will rise to the new height of dominance. Sadly the Asians will always be looked down except the situations which the dumb leaders like Bush will create in which our normal growing economy will look shinning like a bright star.

The only thing I concluded that we are all animals with an evolved brain and modified anatomy. We need groups to feel secure. We always keep searching for an identity which can make us most powerful. We keep forming and changing groups.

This day I again feel proud of the terrorist group. Such a large organization with so much regional-lingual diversity is fighting for the common aim. They trust their group. They don’t shift between things. They do whatever needed to be done for group.

I wish if we could learn something from them.


Nipun said...

A great thought to come across bhaiya.
But then without the lower level division, there can't be a proper system of management..

Abhishek said...

I feel you should have written more in this post.

Pratik Gupta said...

@nipun: its not management in society, its about the way we identify ourselves.

@abhishek: yeah i also wanted to but i wrote this post sneaking during office hours. in office you get what u get [:(]

Ashtung said...

u forgot to mention the most visible and the perhaps the oldest divide... between the rich and the poor.. the others are to merely distract us from that one