Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fuck 'Rules'

We all are afraid of change. We all resist it. Reason is not that we fear the unknown, but we are afraid that the rules we have created around ourselves, by ourselves, will be broken. We all entangle ourselves by the rules, rules about making friend, rules about eating hours, rules about brands, rules about every god damn thing we do. But the real question is – do we need these rules?

Rules bring order in our chaosed life. Rules are good. They keep you on track. They keep you focused, increase your efficiency. Rules give you an illusion of ordered life. Rules makes you feel that everything is going according to a plan. And we all love things when they work according to the plan. Rules limit our view. They limit our idea of good things. There is this friend of mine. She told me that she has a rule of her life, she does not let anyone touch her hair. And the best moment in her relationship was when her boyfriend tied her hair. Now do you really believe that of all the smiles, tears and quite moments they shared, is Hair-tying-moment deserved to be the best? But then why this is special? It’s special because a rule was broken that time and it made that moment treasured.

Rules make our life so narrow. Rules are good but they stop you from changing. You shut yourself in your world of rules and you keep resisting change. Change is good. Change is inevitable. Change is nature’s way of tell you that that nothing lasts forever. So why do we have all these rules then?? In the end, the rules that we define, ends up defining ourselves.

I quote Tyler Durden – “I say never be complete. I say stop being perfect. I say let's evolve. Let the chips fall where they may.”


Nipun said...

All I can say is
" I just Dont Give A Fuck"

I think this conveys the message..



Chanz said...

Listen, just fuck rules... :P

btw, you have been tagged...

The Holy Lama said...

Rules are good to have around. Only if they are, can we break them:D
And on a serious note it is really easier with rules, you can put away lot of things that you could not achieve onto the blame 'these rules'. For the lesser beings who can't handle everything anew and afresh there is a rule to go by. Change is inevitable. We just have to be sure about how much of it can we adjust with, for how different may we be, we still form part of a society. Break it in doses, let others take in the effect. Don't bombard them. Let them live.

Pratik Gupta said...

@RD: Thanks for bringing this in my notice I have changed that now :)

@Jumper: You have a comment section mayte for that :)

@Nipun: You dint give a fuck unless you are gigolo :) ( No pun intended)

Pratik Gupta said...

@Chanz: hahahaha...I am on to your blog now :)

@Holy Lama: The question is when change comes it doesnt matter how much we can adjust with. Rules gives you an excuse to be a lesser being. I say dont found peace in the shades of rules. Face the change. And I totaly agree that this is not my regular replying style. I am so grateful that you took so much of time for writing one of the most longest comment, my blog has ever received! :)

Nipun said...


Ashwin said...

Well, rules can sometimes come in handy, and I suppose most can not live without them! Liked your thought though!

PS: I liked RD's comment the most! :)

Kelly said...

I say there some rules that are good and some that are bad. But what I hate is, is when people say, "Change is Progress." It isn't always the case. Change can bring sadness and chaos, as well.

Your post is very thought provoking and anything that provokes thought is good. Thanks.