Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Review - Rajneeti

I watched Rajneeti last night. Prakash Jha has done it again. I would not waste time and space saying anything what others have already said or written about it. I just have three things to say about it:

· Fuck man, Shruti Seth was in the movie. Shruti Seth. You don’t know Shruti Seth? She was the girl who accused Arjun Rampal with rape charges. Oh Gosh!! She was so, so hot in that scene. I know that you know what I am talking about. I have seen her so many times the way she was there in the movie. Okay not so much of seen as imagined. Okay only imagined but the point is Prakash Jha has given what I wanted ever since my childhood.

· Mr Prakash Jha, we are not interested in the kiss scenes of that Maa wala character and the Foreigner. We wanted Katrina Kaif. We deserved this atleast after a 2hours 50 min movie. I understand you did your best under the given Salmanian circumstances but c’mon man, we all were waiting for it. If not her then atleast Shruti Seth. You let me down there Mister.

· It’s so amazes me why the fertility rate in Bollywood is 100%. I mean every time there is a sex, next scene you get the news of pregnancy. People try for months in real life and Naseeruddin Shah did it in one night. I mean at that age too. And what I really appreciate is Arjun Rampal’s performance, the way he performed with all the performance pressure. I mean impregnating someone on the first night is really something. Isn’t it?

Apart from this movie is worth watching. First half is amazing and quite a lot gripping but second half loose track in middle. Overall a must watch.


Chanz said...

Whoa... that was an interesting review... i mean really interesting.. who wouldnt be interested in Shruti Seth when you mentioned that she looked hot in "that particular scene".. I am sure guys would definitely go to watch the movie to see shruti in "that" scene (without knowing what there was in "that" scene..

waise, i must say that arjun rampal was a lucky man.. He got 2 hot girls... man..!! lucky bastard..

i too have seen the movie.. and i loved it...

Pratik Gupta said...

@Chanz: I am glad that you liked it. I have waited to see Shruti Seth for a long long time and It couldn't have been better. If you know what I mean ;)

toni said...

Legendary observations dude...

Mr Happy said...

its interesting that ur and my observation are same ;)

first shruti seth
second katrina not used properly :P
Third fertility shots

Ashwin said...

Interesting review!

I loved the fertility rate part the most! :)

Chanz said...

hey btw, I have mentioned ur name on ma blog.. u can go check it out... :P

Pratik Gupta said...

@Toni : arey Maharah shri shri 1008 Tony ji ka comment. Ganaga naha liya dost :)

@Mr Happy: Oh thats superb. I mean its great to know that you are not alone on this planet and there are fellow aliens who can think in the same way :)

@Ashwin : and I love the Shruti Seth part the most for the obvious reasons :)

@Chanz: I am goinggggg..... :)

R.D. said...

did you observe sudden rise in the quality of hindi used in the second half?
Maa waala character to Ajay Devgn- "Tum mere jeshth putra ho".

Tangerine said...

LOL! loved it!

I totally loved the 100% fertility part...
i thought it was so ppl refrain from premarital sex or something! ;)

Nipun said...

Same thoughts bhaiya!!
Even I was surprised to see shruti seth like that.
Saw her all my childhood days in various progs and now dis.
This wasn't enuf anyway..



p.s. There's a place called my blog..

Pratik Gupta said...

@RD: That was one point I missed in my review....I guess that was the most apparent LOL in whole movie :)

@Tangerine: Love to see you after such a long time...!! :)
I am so so glad that you liked it.

Pratik Gupta said...

@Nipun : I am so sorry mayte...I am stuck with so many things...Just returned from your blog :)

Avina said...

i saw the movie today ( i know i am toooo late) so apart from your point no 3 (very true:D) (not interested in 1st and 2nd)
did you find the way of killing the politicians at all true????
i was shocked as i have never heard about such kind of blasts and shoot out.
another pt only ranbir n katrina were left alive...and all other killed...haha

Samvedna said...

Loll:) at 100% fertility rate.
Movie was just Ok Praksh jha has given somwe better ones like Apharan and gangajal.