Thursday, February 12, 2009

Gen fart !

The McCain VP selection team presented McCain with three options. Tom Ridge, Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin. They presented a detailed profile on each of them and deliberated pros and cons for hours. Then they said, “Senator McCain, make your pick.” McCain said, “MILF”. That’s the only way to explain McCain’s VP choice.

Folks at Purdue University have been working on an invisibility cloak. They are now saying it will take a while for them to “finish” it. But we suspect they actually made one but can’t find where it is.


The Flower of English Grammer said...

total nonsense.... utterly crappy!!!

pratikguptaiitm said...

you can run ,
you can hide,
but you cant escape my PJs. [:)]

anshul_gupta5 said...

kya likhta hai be yeh..aur fir link bhejta hai..kuch achha likho!