Friday, February 6, 2009

Talent Hunt

Today I was watching Russell Peter’s ' Black, Brown and white'. Russell peter is a famous stand up comedian of Indian origin , born and brought up in Canada and quite famous for his racist jokes. So in his show he got a piece where he mock Indian parents about how they ask their child to perform in front of guest. After seeing that memory flashed, scenes reappeared and I was thinking about my childhood. In those days I used to be a “break dancer” which I now realize was nothing more than “govinda dance” but I preferred to call it a break dance. And most of my dances were used to be on the govinda numbers only which if I think today, sound so embarrassing.

Damn it!!

Anyways I used to be quite satisfied after my live performance in front of that poor guest and their formal gesture of applauds which were like a Wimbledon trophy for me in those days. But with the time, I realized the condition of those poor guests and luckily my “break dancing talent” got replaced with my “stand up comedy” talent. Today when I remember those moments I rally feel sorry for the unlucky guests and I really thank them all for their rounds of applauds which are still like trophies for me.
But for all you people,
you can run ,
you can hide,
but you cant escape my PJs. [:)]


Rajat Jain said...
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Rajat Jain said...

kaash usi time tere so called 'poor guest s' ne tujhe diye hote 2-4 to hume aaj yeh din nahi dekne padte yaaar.. [:(].. aur na tujhe itne bumps milte tere spontaneous, so called Comedy ( which only u think r comic) PJs pe !!

Abhishek said...

bolne waale bolte rahenge, aur PJ maarne waale... :D
keep up the good work!