Thursday, February 12, 2009

Em an a’sole (Now and Then)

Till my high school:
1)I used to have doubts about whether we humans, live inside the earth ie the inner surface of sphere or the outer surface of sphere.
2)I was always amazed by the fact that how the hell is this planet hung in space….there is no thread or support…clearly Newton’s apple was unknown to me
3)Sex: I used to have loads of creepy ideas for that. I wish I could share but half my family reads my blog. Anyways I will share one. My first porn was the song ‘pehle nasha’. In that song when pooja bedi did that marlin Monroe level skirt fleeing act…Oh Gosh!! I used to sneak out and use to play that song on VCr again and again.
4)I always used to think that Mahabharta which is coming on television is really going somewhere and we are watching live telecast.
5)I was always fascinated by superman. I used to think that his flying power came from the Cape he wears. I used to put my towel as cape and even tried jumping off from boundary wall. Luckily I never tried roof top [:)]

Till today I believe
1)One day I will get some superpower.
2)My PJ’s are good.
3)The life which I am spending right now is a dream and someday I will wake up and I will see my totally different real life.
4)Time Travel will be possible.


The Flower of English Grammer said...

this one is good!!! but i hav heard this fart at least thousand times.... though i must say some of the things u were thinking abt have been my thoughts of late... so i guess its not abt childhood... :P

pratikguptaiitm said...

u shd consult some doc seriously if u still have these thoughts.

Indigo Lobster said...

Ur "creepy ideas" come no where close to what paplu had wen he entered IIT

Indigo Lobster said...

@ flower of english grammer

u think ? i thought u believed in that .. :D

Abhishek said...

I still like to believe that I wake up saying to myself "So, this wasn't a dream?!"