Thursday, June 11, 2009

The match that was!! (Eng v/s Neitherlands)

I know its been quite a time for this match but I was busy travelling, giving exams and roaming around that I couldn’t manage to put this. So anyways here it is:

Its always been said if you win the match there is a single ‘man of the match’ but if you loose its always collective responsibility of the team. But this was a classic example of how a single person can manage to let the match slip. I always believed that Ajit agarkar was the most choot bowler in world cricket history who after bagging more than 250 wickets also,considered nowhere near a decent bowler but Stuart Broad denies the world’s most choot bowler to agarkar and became undisputed champion. Here it is what happened.

The last over is going to be bowled by Stuart Broad. 7 runs needed

Ball 1: Broad fields and should run him out - but misses! That's the fourth run-out opportunity they've missed tonight alone

Ball 2: Broad fields and does a Jonty Rhodes, diving onto the stumps. But as his right hand (holding the ball) hits the turf, he releases the ball and missed it again- it's his hand which smashes the bails! Not out

Ball 3: Broad's dropped a wellied smash to a full toss! High above his head and it took a while to reach him.

Just two runs needed ... off one ball!

Ball 6: Broad has all three stumps as he collects it in his follow through. But he misses, and they run an overthrow. They're through and Netherlands have scored a brilliantly, outstanding upset here for the first match at Lord's!


andy aka phuchu said...

could i disagree more ..

Man Ajit Agarkar has a style, he is a wicket taking bowler and a captain should learn how to manage him.
About the last over you are blaming a single bowler and not the team for having 7 needed of last over situation against a minnows like Netherlands.

Again it's not "nietherland" they have at least three players who hav performed at highest level of cricket and topmost among being Dark Nannes who had prevented the names of McGrath and CollingWood from being part of Delhi IPL team

Pratik Gupta said...

Ajit agarkar:
style: bowling short of good length outside the off stump is not a style.

nothing can justify the economy rate of 5.09 after 194 matches, even the lack of control by captain.

and a bowler able to view all 3 stumps missing the runout in 1 single over and that too the most crucial over including 1 overthrow when the match could have been easily drawn and england would have great chances in superover. not to mention the 6 sixes also shows the talent of bowler.