Friday, June 12, 2009

Must Must Must !!

For me the news channel always used to be the best time pass in life after discovery/history channel (FTV excluded…).But this time during my short stay in Udaipur, I was so bored and frustrated with these news channels. They were showing all sorts of crap news all day, repeating some 20sec youtube video, for continuously 85 times upto a duration of 45 mins.

Fuck me for counting all this shit.

I tried for continuous 2 hours, some 13 news channel and I was not able to get even a single news on GM bankruptcy. The height was – while presenting the news of Air-France plane crash, IBN7 called a panel for the discussion on the topic of validity of Bermuda triangles. These a’soles don’t care about the people who died, they are discussing arbit things.

Other Updates:

I got another job in Beroe Inc. and I will be joining as Senior (no kidding!!) Research Analyst on 27th July, in Chennai. Company is a US based startup. It works in the field of supply chain management.

My CFA exam is over and out. The next is FRM. No more discussions about result, preparation or anything remotely related to it. My bro got selected in IIM Bangalore and he is throwing a great big mini shaadi level Treat and I am in Kota this week for the event. My laughter (or PPJ – Painful Poor Joke) show is the major highlight. Everyone invited. (For the show, not treat)

My BTP project is still due for submission on 19th so I am returning back on 14th night, back to Chennai for next 2 weeks.

And yeah, we are transferred back to Kota again from Udaipur, so I am again officially from Kota.

PS: yo bro!! You rock man..... My first poem just for you:

Miles to go,
Places to see;
life is too short,
Anyways, lets see;