Friday, June 12, 2009

The perfect week

What a week it had been and what an awesome week this is going to be. I was in Mumbai this Sunday for my exam and after I finished it, I met my cousin and his wife. My bhabhi is my long time good friend (since XIth) and it was so great to see them as couple.

We had a great dinner in ‘Machaan’ followed by a next day trip to ‘water kingdom’. I couldn’t have asked for more after the exam got over.

I took a train on Monday and came back to Kota. After a complete year I met my dadi and dadaji. My dadi has been quite ill for a long time. I was so depressed to see my dadi in this condition. She had lost quite a weight but lately the conditioning has been improving a little and I wish that she gets perfect. My dadi has been one of the most wonderful ladies I have ever seen. She is the reason that my huge family is so much attached to each other. She is the reason I get through JEE. I know the only reason that her health is getting worse day by day is everyone in the family is getting transferred to someplace far but since now my dad is back in the city, she will feel a little better.

Next day I met my bro. he is the reason I am here. He got through IIM and we are celebrating it. he had been my partner in crime since childhood and meeting him again is like the old gang inback in role. the traditonal custom of reading comics had also been fulfilled.

 I met one of my oldest classmates who always used to beat me in class and the only reason the tag of second ranker was always there with me. I also met 2 of my teachers who played a vital role in my life. And then there was some more relatives and night out gappe sessions.

Today is Thursday and by sat morning everybody will be here. I am sure that we are going to have a gala time. My BTP report will be over by tomorrow. (finally, hopefully).

Right now I just wish to be my life like this forever.