Thursday, June 25, 2009

On love and Realtionships -1

I have been thinking to write something on this issue but I never thought it would start this way:
I am locked out of room and I am sitting in someone’s room and I have absolutely nothing to do, so here I think, let’s start it today.”

Actually Tamanna gave me this idea when we discussed the vicious circle named relationships. She suggested me to write something on this (so she is the one to be blamed).

Anyways after infinite crushes, millions of on and off relationship and after putting fundaes to some of the most naïve souls on planet, I believe I am an expert. (trust me, I am still single )

Okay let me get back to point and start the things off. This first post will be based on the first date + 3 (max) more meeting after that.

Date 1 fundaes for guys:

Basic Funda: There is always a particular thing, gals look for. It can be your looks, sense of humor, sincerity, decency, studness, emotional connection, caring soul, I don give a damn attitude….I mean anything. So keep showing your various aspects and hope that it will hit the bull’s eye.

Preparation: Most of the guys has a problem that they are not able to talk freely. So the best thing is to mug. The things we do best. Which anyone can do best.

Step 1: Mug some basic 10 questions to start the conversation like: ‘Whats your college, hobbies, family background, movies, novels, songs, field of specialization.’

Step 2: Learn some funny incidents which someone ever told you and putting yourself in the centre, rephrase it and mug it properly.

Step 3: Make a list of 5 exclusive movies of every genre and learn everything about it, from cast, crew, director, reviews, storyline, and historical significance.

Step 4: Similarly choose a genre of music and try to learn as much as you can about it.

Step 5: Create a fake past relationship if u didn’t have any, and try to show the emotional side of your nature like how much you loved her but things didn’t worked out. Sometimes you have to let things go. It will also proves how much mature you are in terms of relationship. If you nail this part perfectly, bingo! You are halfway through.

Step 6: Try to show that you care about world. You know about and want to change it. Try to fake yourself as some NGO member. It might work in some cases.

Note: all this preparation works for initial some dates because sooner or later, everything is eventually going to come out. But who cares about the later stuff. We will deal it then and there.

Dating tips for gals:

We don’t care about anything else until you have a good rack. [:)]

Okay to be very serious, guys like to talk to a girl who can continue the conversation. I guess no preparation is need for that. Jus keep saying 3 words –
I also think the same way.

We always look for a person with whom we can connect emotionally so whenever we are telling some creepy emotional stuff, use the above the 3 words again.

To be very true, I don’t have much fundaes on the girl’s side so I will really appreciate if someone helps me figure out that part also.

PS:the views expressed are simply fundaes and author dont use it in his own personal life.


The Flower Of English Grammar said...

see dude... this one should be the award winning post!!!! i mean it gives the right advise, shows ur experience in this field & tells why u r still single... :)

lage raho dude... keep posting such quality posts....

Pratik Gupta said...

@ flowery grammar:dont forget u still owe me and u have to payback...when is our planned bang trip?? [:P]

konark said...

ufff .hudd .. hudd .. hudd .. u deserve 1 dis tym dude .....

Ashtung said...

Dating 101????
u make it sound like an interview

Pratik Gupta said...

@konark: this post is strictly for single guys like stay away

@ashtung: 101, sounds good....poitns noted and will be taken care of next time.

@flowery gramar: the reason for me being single is i am wasting my life with asoles like you ppl [:)]..sparks rocks anyways!!

Tangerine said...

Ahem! :)

Pratik Gupta said...

@tangy: i was thinking that you will give me some more piece advice on the girls part.

Abhishek said...

okay, clearly you have missed out on the MOST important point, without which, a guy is doomed no matter how goody-goody he behaves with the girl. In any case, being the nice guy I am, I'll add it here.
"Look into her eyes, and keep looking into her eyes even when she isn't, coz your partner in crime may not be on display, but hers' on the other hand..."
Thank me later for this one. :D