Thursday, April 16, 2009

The one with the RGs

Farewell time is near for all of us, final Years. IIT Madras has a great tradition to bid adieu to all the final years.

We have Hostel Nights where every hostel host a theme party and dinner, booze, RG , Video, toast and roast are the different phases of the party. Lemme give you a brief intro of all the terms.

Dinner/Booze – I think they are self explanatory but mind it, booze here refers not about drinking but dripping in it.

RG- the full form is Royal Gang bang.This a black book of a student. It’s a tradition where all the friends of a person come and sit together and describe all his dark tales which is later documented and displayed.

Video- a hostel video is also prepared where the unique habit of the person is shot and later played.

Toast – all the hostel and friend come and toast for the individual passing out people.

Roast – Final year students gave a roast to juniors by telling the inside stories of their life

So in the following 5 posts I am adding RG of all my closest friends in a way to giv them tribute from my side. About my RG, well I am not posting it. The reason, it’s a long story.

Its started 4 years ago when the internet was introduced in the royal state of rajasthan. I came to IIT at that time and got addicted to the internet. I returned back with this contagious disease and spread it all over my family. 2 years later there were shining new modem with BSNL internet connection in all my relatives’ homes. It was not over. I added them on my gtalk list and adding to it I started posting my blog links as my status message. Later it turned out, they all got through my initial uncensored posts and I really had a hard time convincing them that it was not real me.

So in short, if I post my RG over here, I am sure I will be abandoned from my family forever. So to avoid that risk, I am keeping my things to myself. If you are still interested in reading it, give me a buzz or leave ur id. I will mail it.

Till then enjoy the other RGs

PS: paplu’s RG is must read !!