Thursday, April 16, 2009

RG_Rajat Jain

Rajat Jain a.k.a Home Work

This soorma bhopali is an avid reader, Desi Papa Sex Stories and Savita Bhabhi being his all time favourite. The literature has helped him develop his scintillating fantasies. He has shagged multiple times imagining his wife wearing a dress which could be undressed with a slip of a knot. His wedding gift to his wife would be a trunk full of seductive lingerie which she will clad for him a dozen times a day.

Mr. H.W. has a gifted ability of scanning through a woman’s body and deciphering about the presence or absence of innerwears, has hoaned his skills through regular practice in the pool during water polo schroeter.

Quotable Quotes

Behen to kamaal par Ma bhi bemisaal” for the sister and mother of Ms.S.S from Bhopal during IIT-JEE counselling.

Behen C#@D Papa” and “Meri Ma Ki C#@@+” – as a token for love and affection for his dear parents.

Girl Talk

He is a give-up god who finds excuses for everything, except the never ending desperation for babes.

He was first fancied by Namita, his schoolmate, whom he describes as someone whose handshake was more intense than a quarter of Vodka. He ended up wishing her Happy Independence Day and she made him independent.

Next he started hitting on his physics teacher Deepa Verma, imagining himself as SRK and her as Sush in Main Hoon Na (or the little boy in Malena), soon the dreams were shattered since the teacher got married and went to London with her husband.

As expected, Our man didn’t give-up and got an intern in U.K. He had high hopes to meet his long lost love in London but the plans didn’t materialise and in desperation he ended spending up £80 on strippers for 8 Lap Dances.

Jain sahab has long term plans with a girl named Prachi “Jain” (mandatory for a girl to get the trunk mentioned above). He met her first when her family came to stay at their home during a marriage and he got infatuated.

He got to spend some quality time with her during his stay at IIT-D for his 2nd year intern, where he used to fool out his friends to meet her. (None of his friends have got a chance to touch, meet or even see the girl). She was the only one whom he got a gift from U.K (bought sandals for her) in exchange of some fundaes on transparent strap and strapless bras.

IIT Life

He was BP1 in his first sem and has never seen 8.0 since then. Has cupped twice in GATE with a record percentile of 47%, after stating that “gate to chill hai be, sabka clear ho jata hai”.

Riding on his luck he, won the hostel GenSec elections even after being at home during pre-election manipulations. Put infinite fight from home and ensured that the other northy candidate did not contest. He claims to be the first northy GenSec of the hostel ever, which he thinks is his biggest achievement.

This guy is an orkut freak and has pained everone to become his fan and write testis for him. Has a hobby of uploading photos and adoring them himself for hours.

Has a weird taste for bollywood movies and is the biggest fan of Altaf Raja songs (tum to tehre pardesi)

He is the hostel water polo captain for last two years, and freshies coming to his room and asking him to put fight and come for practice is a common site. Loves cricket and is a storehouse of statistics for every damn match that happened on earth. Has been putting night outs and bunking classes to watch the current test series, although goes and crashes in the common room.

Tried hard to get a girl for the dance workshop in Saarang and almost succeeded this year, when a girl from DPS gave him her number and agreed to accompany him the next day. He pained her by calling at night and the next day she was found dancing with a freshie.

During his intern in U.K. he tried every possible thing to get laid, treated a Swedish babe with beer while watching footer matches, encroached the under skirt area of a girl while dancing in a pub and luckily escaped the bouncers and even tried to use the cell phone camera in the gentlemen’s club to shoot the strippers.

After returning from the intern his IQ level went up to an all time high and is now often seen putting fundaes to junta about London. Enlightened the warden about places to be visited and the best scotch available. Psyched MASH by blabbering irrelevant stuff about London Transportation and got enthusiastic about Ryan Airways in a DoMS department prof’s class.

Rajat is a darling of his friends , who listens to eveyone’s shit and make him feel important. Leaves ever lasting impressions on everyone’s mind and becomes an inseparable part of their life.

To this immature and untalented Bhopali we TOAST!!!


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