Saturday, April 25, 2009

SPARkS Final year Video

Its the final year video of the Civil Gumbal which we prepared as the final year farewell memento. It was a result of 2 days ( mostly nights) continuous efforts. Thanks to my fucking comp and ever cupping window movie maker. But anyways the final result came out was par expectation and this shit made us cry on all four hostel nights. So i guess it was worth the effort.

We have a funky name for our group - 'SPARkS'. Actually this name is result of a extremely intensed fart session at the back bench of some Gen course. [:)] who says that IIT classrooms are not productive now.

S = Sajal Gothi
P = Pratik Gupta
A = Anshul Gupta
R = Rajai Jain
S = Sumedh Samant

So, the sparks for you!! Enjoy

PS : I love you guys! SPARkS is always gonna rule!!


anshul_gupta5 said...

awesome maxx video..100% success rate for u..saw it 4 times and cried 4 times :)

Pratik Gupta said...

jiske ghar kaanc ke bane hote hai woh dusre ke ghar par pathar nahin marte...

Sajal Gothi said...

For those who doesnt know the funda of four and half men: It is meant for 4 normal dudes + 1 dumb/short heighted dude.....anyway anshul always does too to accompany them :)....SPARkS rocks....enjoy the video

The Flower of English Grammer said...

wat the hell does that mean??? who is the half-man?? short or dumb?? please make it clear... i haven't understood it yet....

by the way i donno how many nights n sutta were actually spent on this vid... but its worth millions of pounds!!! dude SPARkS rocks... :)
P.S. @Anshul & Pratik - Thank you for the 100% success rate!!! I tried to cry but somehow couldn't :(

Pratik Gupta said...

@sajal : fk u !!
@ sumedh : that dumb fellow is deifnately you [:)]