Thursday, April 16, 2009

RG_Sajal Gothi

Meet the Casanova Prince from Itarsi. IP(Itarsi prime) was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and an ability to do anything he wanted. He used the former gift for lesbian porn and expensive dogs and the latter for hot girlfriends and more lesbian porn.

His love story in IIT began with him bagging a hot Motorola Girl during Saarang in his first year! This love story unfortunately had a premature ending when she committed treason by trying to lock her lips with lips belonging to the royal family in a movie theatre.

In his third semester he had a fight with a girl ,whom for the sake of discretion we shall call KG. They were discussing the layout of a house. She wanted a big bath tub while he wanted a hot water jet installed in the toilet for cleaning purposes. Royal treatment indeed!!

In the 4th semester IP used to keep going to Hyderabad to visit his sick grandmother. People started doubting this because the Prince of the Royal family does not go to meet sick people. Sick people come to him. After one entire semester Achar and the others found out that he was dating a girl named Sneha.

To support this relation ship IP started looking for jobs . 'Work from home jobs with a salary of 2-3k'

This epic love story overcame all odds and was a match made in heaven. Actually no. It ended with Sneha calling Jaanwar and saying “Ashutosh please give the phone to Sajal and ask him to speak to me. I have a bottle of poison in my hand”. This story obviously did not end there. She came to Chennai to make things right with IP. IP being the gentleman he is went to meet her at her hotel. While they were talking in her room, the bathroom door opened and some arbit guy walked out. IP asked her who this guy is to which her reply was “ some guy I met in the train.”

This Prince rules Itarsi with an iron fist. His entire village calls him “Chotein Maalik” and he forces the women/girls of the area to give him and his dogs exotic massages. His dogs are worth more than the entire Nu Sigma Pay package. With full dedication to his dogs he searches around his area for people owning hot bitches. According to him the toughest job in the world is to get a dog and a bitch to mate.

This brings us to the point on him being a lesbo freak. 11GB of pure lesbian porn is no laughing matter and IP's continued dedication to this cause has brought about a new interest in things like internet download speeds etc. A minimum of 1MBps is a must and anything above that is in his words “ a super duper turn on”. He's strictly against heterosexual porn and along with Achar has formed a Lesbian Rights Organisation.

IP hates walking. Even when going to get Achar's Pulsar from Taramani he takes a cycle with him.He has failed whenever he has cheated in an exam. He uses advanced technology like bluetooth and wifi on his cell phone to copy. He has every grade on his gradecard( X,Y,I,W,U,E-S)!!!!!