Thursday, April 16, 2009



The most dumbest, desperate creature you will find. His favourite hunting grounds are the Institute campus, Gtalk and Orkut friend List (not his own list but his friend’s list) and the obvious saarang. Despite of all his pain staking efforts of creating a goody boy image he is going out after being yelled by Insti gals (S.S.) and also with the most respected prof of the Department.

His experiences with girls are often entertaining for everyone but himself. While roaming around in campus during saarang "Abe kya machak maal hai,bas aisi mil jaaye life mein".

Finally this saarang after encouraging him too much, he talked to a girl (Obviously directly he can’t ask for dance workshop, again his IMAGE would have ruined, so he asked for queen of sheeba). She asked him what is Queen of sheeba. Our confident boy explained everything about TREASURE Hunt.
But our boy took her number. Later at 10pm or something, he started messaging her (he did when we encouraged him)
Anshul: Hey hi....are you free now? Are you interested in coming to ccd
Girl: I am sorry, but who is this? (Anshul fucker dint give her his own number and messaging as if that girl is having his number for past 15 years)
Anshul: I am anshul, met you today near stalls...blah blah blah
Girl: Ya remember, hey I am with my friends so not possible (Girl understood that this guy is a gr8 chut)
Anshul: (Despomax reply) With boys or girls? :)
Girl: :) :) Why interested in that?
Anshul: (Phatti) Anyways we will meet tomorrow then for queen of sheeba.

Morning 10 am (Anshul's Inbox)
Girl: Hey i am not feeling well, cant come for that. cya (later that girl was found wid some other boy, completely well and enjoying saarang)

His childhood sweetheart, with whom he shared the dream of ‘Virgin couples’ since 8 years got shattered after the gal stop responding to his calls and scraps, messages etc etc. he still wonders about the reason.

Another incident involved a flirtatious 2nd year BT girl who always thought he was a freshie. For some reason, once she asked him if he actually was a freshie and he responded, “No, no I’m in civil”. Though she continued to make obvious advances, he pretended nothing was happening. She approached him in Tiffany’s one day and asked him about his future plans. He got thoroughly psyched and tore out as fast as he could.

There was another female with whom he was an ambience vol in 1st year. He put a lot of fight but pretended to not care about her. In 2nd year, he invited her to the hostel night but in return he got kicked when ther was no return invitation. Finally in the 4th year, he gathered the courage to ask her what had happened over coffee in CCD. She agreed to meet him on the coming Sunday at 10pm. A day of anxious waiting later, she cancelled the meeting, while all through the time, our boy was boasting and dreaming about the meeting.

His level of desperateness can be seen by the incident when his intern mates fooled him by an fake profile and he finally end up putting treat after ‘pataoing’ the supposed girl, Anjali Sharma.

For a guy with as many (incomplete) encounters with the female kind, he was in high demand by seniors from this hostel many of whom wanted to have gay sex with him. During his first year, he was caught watching porn by his dad, let fly some gaalis to his parents by mistake and was caught in his sister’s place with a porn mms.

Once, he was late to an OR class, putting sutta, when he learnt that there was a surprise quiz. Confidently walked in 10 minutes late only to realise the test was over and most junta had already left.

He is the owner of a very interesting resume. Points ranging from ‘I have taken part in some quizzes in school and won many of them’ to ‘Part of the school cricket team, fielded in many positions’ litter his resume.

Our Guy is extremely well in PR skills. He used to be the ‘Local Mohalla Boy’ who used to bring grocery, give lifts, repairing machines etc of all the aunties in neighbourhood. As a return of his loyal service, his halves of the female friends in okut are his bhabhis and aunties.

He has the world's studdest supercomputer: 128MB, 40GB RAM, P3 with Windows 98 along with a ball mouse. He has been refusing to upgrade it for the last 3 years and we expect him to take it along with to Scope (his future company) with a black-and-white monitor.

That brings us to what he is going to do now. He has always claimed that Scope is the ch*tmax company. Finally after getting into it, he put a lavish treat. About Scope, he found out that 3 IIT Delhi girls are also joining Scope. Desperate that he is, he pained hazzar junta to get information about them. It turned out that they were ugly by a compassionate man’s standards.

Recently due to the effect of watching ghajini 3 times a day he started going to gym and he has recently turned into mini ghajini himself. He forget things, always remains a little aggressive in approach so beware of him nowadays

Tagged the dumbest BP 1 in IITM’s history due to lack of any interest in his branch, Anshul is also considered a stud in how he puts a 9 every semester without mugging

Famous lines by the mofo.
"abeyy yaaaar..math kar yaar vaise"
"bahuth batmeez hai be thu..."
"abeyy kutte ke pillee.."
"abey mat le yaaar.."
"abey ladki pat gayee yaar..."